‘Running Man’ Members race to prepare Surasang for Ji Seok-jin, who returns to health [TV Spoiler]

Running Man / Photo = SBS Running Man
Running Man / Photo = SBS Running Man

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon] ‘Running Man’ The members held a race to prepare a table for Ji Seok-jin, who returned after recovering his health.

On SBS’ ‘Running Man’, which airs on the 21st, the ‘Great Strategy to Set Up Surasang’ for King Ji Seok-jin will be revealed.

In a recent recording, the members drew attention by performing a realistic situational drama that took them back in time from the Joseon Dynasty. Yoo Jae-seok turns into the American-style beggar Yoo who enjoys snacks and coffee, saying, “I have some free time,” and Yang Se-chan shows his unexpected charm by turning into the elite “Prince Yang” who dreams of escaping. In addition, Kim Jong-guk appeared as ‘Kim Concubine’, showing off her beautiful figure as a ‘master of cross-dressing’, and the members who saw this were shocked and asked, “Heungjeonmama, what is this?”

In addition, Kim Dong-hyun, Hong Jin-ho, and Jonathan, who is making his first appearance on Running Man, appeared and added to the fun of the situational drama, who are competing for the ‘0 priority spot’ on the entertainment show. Kim Dong-hyun played the role of a ‘bonservant’ with a bandit-like appearance, and Hong Jin-ho wore a long wig and played the role of a ‘rogue slave’ who dreams of becoming the ‘second Jang Hyuk’, bringing laughter. The youngest, Jonathan, appeared as a Sungkyunkwan Confucian student with perfect physique and dominated the atmosphere of the scene.

On this day, a race was held to complete the Sura statue for Ji Seok-jin, the ‘three kings of short-mouthed Ji Seok’, in the ‘Am I satisfied with this award?’ episode. The members went on a market tour to find foods written in the Joseon Dynasty language. In addition, in order to purchase the food in question, people had to take out the coins given to them based on their social status, but a war of nerves took place between them, which eventually escalated into a fight, with people saying, “It’s full of charlatans,” and “I can’t trust you.”

The identity of the team that will complete the Surasang statue that will satisfy Ji Seok-jin, the ‘three short-lipped Ji-seok kings’, can be confirmed on ‘Running Man’, which airs at 6:15 pm on Sunday the 21st.

[Sports Today Reporter Baek Ji-yeon ent@stoo.com]

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