‘Scoop World’ Kim In-woo “Discrimination against ethnic Koreans in Japan…will it disappear when I become famous? I dream of becoming an actor”


[TV Report = Reporter Hasana] Actor Kim In-woo, a third-generation Korean resident in Japan, revealed the reason why he stopped working in Japan and started acting again in Korea.

On MBN’s ‘Scoop World’ on the 18th, actor Kim In-woo, a third-generation Korean in Japan, gave up his life in Japan at the age of over 40 and made a new start as an actor in Korea.

He, who worked as an actor in Japan for 20 years before working in Korea, said, “I came to Korea 15 years ago and have been working as an actor for a long time.”

He said that he spent his growing years in Japan being discriminated against as a Korean in Japan, saying, “If I revealed my nationality as a Korean and a Korean in Japan, it would be like making a bombshell statement. Even working part-time, let alone working at a company, was limited. “Once my nationality was found out, I was almost always rejected,” he said, referring to discrimination.

Regarding the reason he became an actor, he said, “Don’t you feel discriminated against while living as a Korean in Japan? “I had hope that if I appeared on screen, on the big screen, and became famous, I would be able to eliminate things like discrimination,” he confessed.

Since then, he has been active as a Japanese actor for 20 years, starting with Japanese master Akira Kurosawa’s work ‘Dream’, saying, “I worked in various fields. He did movies, dramas, commercials, and plays. “I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t tried.”

Regarding the reason he came to Korea, he said, “I have never experienced this much hardship in my life, and I felt that this is what it means to hit rock bottom. My friends disappeared and my lover of 10 years also disappeared. It has become a state of disrepair. “It’s not that I wanted to drink, but that I had no choice but to drink… thinking about it now, it would be an excuse,” he said, recalling a difficult time, saying, “I wish I had someone I could talk to, but there was no one at the time.”

Regarding the reason he chose to go to Korea, he said, “(When I was having a hard time) I happened to come across Korean works. I watched the movies ‘Failan’ and ‘Home’. It was the first time I had hope after watching a movie. So, after three years of worries, I left everything and came to Korea.” In addition, he added that another reason he chose to go to Korea was because he remembered his mother who missed her home country.

Reporter Ha Ha-na mongz@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = ‘Scoop World’ broadcast capture

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