‘Seonsan’ aimed at popularity, ‘Yeonnibus’ which faltered. Will I make up for my grades? [TF Focus]

‘Train to Busan’·’Peninsula’→’Seonsan’… ‘Yeonniverse’ expansion of worldview

Director Yeon Sang-ho's new film 'Seonsan' will be released on Netflix on the 19th. /Netflix
Director Yeon Sang-ho’s new film ‘Seonsan’ will be released on Netflix on the 19th. /Netflix

[The Fact | Intern Reporter Soobin Choi] Director Yeon Sang-ho’s ‘Yeonniverse’ (Yeon Sang-ho Universe) is newly expanded into ‘Seonsan’. As ‘Seonsan’ was planned 10 years ago, attention is focused on whether ‘Yeonniverse’, which will capture the popularity, will be born.

Director Yeon Sang-ho made his debut in the animation world with the work titled ‘A view outside the window of a patient who has just finished treatment at a hospital treating D’s delusions of grandeur.’ Although it did not receive attention from the public due to its minor material and unique world view, it began to become known starting with ‘The King of Pigs’, which was released in 2011.

Director Yeon Sang-ho's film 'Train to Busan' 'Telekinesis' 'Jeong-i' To 'Peninsula' (clockwise from top left) 'Yeonnibus' Expanded the world view. /each movie poster
Director Yeon Sang-ho’s film ‘Train to Busan’ ‘Telekinesis’ ‘Jeong-i’ To ‘Peninsula’ (clockwise from top left) ‘Yeonnibus’ Expanded the world view. /each movie poster

Subsequently, the name Yeon Sang-ho was imprinted on the public with the movie ‘Train to Busan’, which was released in 2016. ‘Train to Busan’, whose production cost exceeded 10 billion won, received a warm response after its premiere at the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Even at the time of its domestic release, it surpassed 10 million viewers, sparking a K-zombie craze. ‘Yeonniverse’ It was the beginning of my worldview.

Afterwards, director Yeon Sang-ho directed ‘Telekinesis’ and ‘Peninsula’ Via ‘Jeong-i’ ‘Yeonniverse’ Further expanding the world view, the field has shifted to dramas and OTT platform series. He met viewers through the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Method’ (written by Yeon Sang-ho, directed by Kim Yong-wan) and the Netflix original series ‘Hell’ (written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho).

Director Yeon Sang-ho mainly deals with stories that are socially critical. ‘King of Pigs’ dealt with school violence, and ‘Pseudo’ dealt with religious issues. As he began to deal with commercial films, these messages diminished, but he naturally incorporated them into the characters’ actions.

In particular, ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Yeonnibus”s most successful work, was loved by many people not only for its diverse action scenes, but also for its warm humanity. Also, in ‘Peninsula’, director Yeon Sang-ho asked the audience the question, ‘What is human in a world where reason has collapsed and brutality rules?’

Netflix's new original series 'Seonsan' depicts a mystery thriller that touches on Korean roots. /Netflix
Netflix’s new original series ‘Seonsan’ depicts a mystery thriller that touches on Korean roots. /Netflix

Director Yeon Sang-ho, who has conveyed a human message through various apocalyptic worldviews, has released a new Netflix original series, ‘Seonsan,”Yeonniverse’ Challenge yourself to expand. ‘Sansan’ is a work that depicts the story of a series of ominous events occurring as a person inherits a mountain left behind after the death of his uncle, whom he had forgotten even existed, and secrets related to it being revealed.

‘Seonsan’ is directed by Yeon Sang-ho and ‘Train to Busan’ This is a work that has been planned for a long time. Director Yeon Sang-ho previously directed ‘Seonsan’ which took place on the 12th. At the production presentation, “We had been planning ‘Seonsan’ for 10 years. He said, “I was very interested in thrillers that come from Korean sentiments, and I ended up making it within that context.”

Director Yeon Sang-ho directed the animated film ‘The King of Pigs’ When I finished ‘pseudo’ and was about to attempt my first live-action film, I had two ideas. These are ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Seonsan’. Director Yeon Sang-ho produced ‘Train to Busan’ among them first, and later, ‘Train to Busan’ ‘Telekinesis’ I was planning a work with director Min Hong-nam, who worked with me as an assistant director on ‘Peninsula’. Director Min Hong-nam, who heard the story of ‘Seonsan’, expressed his will to further develop the work together and began developing the scenario together with writer Hwang Eun-young.

Director Yeon Sang-ho had a strong desire to create a mystery thriller whose starting point was emotions that all Koreans could relate to. He was interested in the fact that, according to conventional wisdom, a family that should be full of love and a family that fights over inheritance issues exist at the same time, and through these conflicting notions, he decided to write a mystery thriller with a thematic awareness of what a family is. #39;Seonsan’ It was revealed that this was the beginning of planning.

The drama 'How' (left) 'Hell' ended after receiving harsh reviews from viewers. /tvN, Netflix
The drama ‘How’ (left) ‘Hell’ ended after receiving harsh reviews from viewers. /tvN, Netflix

However, ‘Telekinesis’ which followed ‘Train to Busan’ ‘Peninsula’ ‘Jeong-i’ etc. did not receive much attention from the audience. In particular, ‘Peninsula’ was a story four years after ‘Train to Busan’ and attracted a lot of attention even before its release, but achieved poor results, reaching a cumulative audience of 3.81 million.

This wasn’t just a movie. ‘The Method’ and ‘Hell’ were also enough to attract viewers’ attention in that they incorporated social consciousness into a unique world view. However, it was criticized for its somewhat complicated story and excessive use of forced novels. Accordingly, some are raising concerns that it may be difficult for ‘Seonsan’ to gain popularity.

However, at the production presentation, director Min Hong-nam, who directed the drama, said, “I think the drama has its own color. Traditional beliefs are not fully revealed. “I feel like it’s based on the base atmosphere,” he said, adding, “I tried to approach it in a friendly way, so I think I’d be grateful if people viewed it favorably.” Attention is being paid to whether it will be able to make up for the poor performance of the previous work and show the power of ‘Yeonniverse’ once again with ‘Seonsan’.

‘Seonsan’ will be released on Netflix on the 19th.

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