‘Seonsan’ Yenniverse’s new problematic work, how will viewers view it? [TV report]

Photo = Provided by Netflix ‘Seonsan’
Photo = Provided by Netflix ‘Seonsan’

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A new Yeoniverse opens.

The Netflix series ‘Seonsan’ will be released on January 19th. ‘Seonsan’ depicts the story of a series of ominous events happening as a person inherits a land left behind after the death of his uncle, whom he had forgotten even existed, and secrets related to it being revealed.

‘Seonsan’ ranges from the film ‘Train to Busan’ that caused the K-zombie syndrome to the Netflix series ‘Hell’ and the Netflix film ‘Jeong-i’ Director Yeon Sang-ho, who established Yeonniverse (Yeon Sang-ho Universe), planned and wrote the script. Here are ‘Train to Busan’, ‘Telekinesis’, ‘Peninsula’ Director Min Hong-nam, who worked with director Yeon Sang-ho for a long time as an assistant director, took on his first attempt at directing.

Director Yeon Sang-ho has created his own ‘Yeonniverse’ with his unique atmosphere and chemistry. ‘Yeonniverse’ attracted public attention every time, sometimes drawing enthusiastic responses and sometimes disappointing responses.

‘Seonsan’ is expected to be a new problematic work for Yeonniverse. ‘Seonsan’, which released the entire film to the press in advance through a preview, was evaluated as a decent Korean-style thriller with an occult atmosphere. At the same time, it left a question mark as to what kind of reaction the unconventional ending would elicit.

Director Yeon Sang-ho, who wanted to make a work that started from a Korean sentiment, brought in the subject matter of ‘Seonsan’. The ghost story image of Seonsan, for example, the violence between families surrounding Seonsan, which conflicts with the image of a stable society where humans meet for the first time as a family, is portrayed in the thriller genre. Here, shamanic images were adopted to add an occult atmosphere.

The main characters, Yoon Seo-ha (played by Kim Hyun-joo), her husband (Park Seong-hoon), and her half-brother Kim Young-ho (Ryu Kyung-soo), as well as their family or similar family, are not ordinary. The characters’ inability to make rational decisions because they are family members leads the story in an unexpected direction.

Through these characters, the story that begins with one incident continues into many events and moves towards a huge secret. Although breathing is somewhat slow, the process is not boring.

The reality of the incident encountered like that can be quite shocking for Korean viewers to accept. Director Yeon Sang-ho said, “I thought it would be good if the question, ‘What is family?’ would be a deep question. “To that end, I thought that a child born under circumstances that could not be accepted conventionally, but born out of great love, could be an extreme form,” he explained the background of the setting.

As director Yeon Sang-ho said, saying that he hopes viewers will be able to exchange various stories in some form through this story, it is clear that people may have different opinions about the ending. Attention is being paid to how viewers will accept this ending.

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