Shin Bong-seon “I was ruined because of Song Eun-i” Anger..Song Eun-i “Ji


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Na-yeon] Shin Bong-seon and Song Eun-i had a conflict over the silver button.

19th ‘ㄴShin Bong-seonㄱ’ A video titled “Looking for Bongseon’s Silver Button” was uploaded to the channel.

In the video that day, Shin Bong-seon said to Song Eun-i after the treasure briquette service was over, “Please give it to me quickly.” “Give me what you want me to give you today,” she urged. Song Eun-i responded, “It’s not in my car.” She replied, “Producer Han took it,”and Shin Bong-sun said, “I have to go home.”

Song Eun-i contacted the PD saying, “I think I brought it to the restaurant,” and said, “He’s coming here.” He continued, “But what are you waiting for? “Why are you being so mean to me,” she asked, and Shin Bong-seon said, “Song Eun-i said she was giving me something, so she said,”

It turns out that a silver button commemorating exceeding 100,000 subscribers has arrived. Song Eun-i, who received the box, opened it in front of her Cafe La, saying, “She came by international mail.” Shin Bong-seon said, “Can I leave it at my house?” “Should I leave it at work?” he said excitedly, but when he saw that the packaging had already been opened, he said, “I told you not to open this.” Who opened it? “Didn’t I tell you that I had to tear it down?” he said angrily.

Song Eun-i then explained, “Because this came in my name and I don’t know what it is,” and Shin Bong-seon said, “This is supposed to taste good, but I ripped it all off.” What kind of unboxing is leaving the lid open? “Didn’t you say I was going to rip off what’s mine?” he scolded. Song Eun-i, who heard this, said, “Wow, that’s right.” “I want to go,” he said and hurriedly left.


Shin Bong-seon, who was left alone, said, “Everyone, we are ruined because of Song Eun-i. Even though I grumbled that “Eun-i Song did my unboxing without a camera,” I continued unboxing, saying, “I’ll open it anyway.” As soon as he saw the actual silver button, he screamed, and Song Eun-i, who was watching this, made people laugh by saying, “This is really a good harvest.”

Shin Bong-seon, paying no heed to this, said, “It has beautiful Hangul written on it.” Today is a meaningful day. thank you I’ll try harder. “Thank you, CEO Song,” he said happily. Song Eun-i was disgusted, and when Shin Bong-seon fussed, saying, “We have to finish,” she reluctantly responded with a smile.

Shin Bong-seon said, “Let’s take a picture together,” and Song Eun-i said, “No.” I’ll take a picture for you. “Congratulations,” she said and took a proof shot of Shin Bong-seon. Shin Bong-seon boasted, saying, “I got a silver button today,”and she told Song Eun-i, “You should never open a gold button.”However, Song Eun-i said, “Can I get it?” and Shin Bong-seon said, “If you are alive.” “As long as my senior is healthy,” she replied. Song Eun-i added to the laughter by saying, “She should still be alive until then.”


[Photo] Shin Bong-seon

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