SHINee Key “SM junior Rise, it’s difficult…debut year 15 years apart” (Hwon’s club)


[TV Report = Reporter Hasuna] SHINee’s Key revealed his feelings towards SM junior Rise.

On the 19th, a video titled ‘Key oppa [Hwon’s club] EP3 Key who really came to make fun of me’ was uploaded on Hyeri’s YouTube channel.

The video shows SHINee’s Key appearing and having a talk with Hyeri. When Hyeri said, “I’m worried that my fans drink too much,” Key said, “I do regular health checkups and there’s nothing wrong with me,” and Hyeri envied me, saying, “I’m blessed with a good liver.”

Hyeri also said, “Out of all the people I know, I have the best skin. So, when I asked (fans) what they were curious about, 70% asked for Key’s skin care tips,” she said, wondering about Key’s skin care method.

In response, Key said, “I always say this, but I cleanse my skin with toner, apply moisturizing cream, and in winter, I apply oil cream on top of it, sunscreen, and nothing else. “It’s over,” he confessed.

Also, while the topic of the challenge arose, Key said, “But if you do something funny, the number of views goes up. If you do the Namgeo Challenge, you can get 4,000,000 or 5,000,000 won. “But since I’m actually trying to do it myself, it’s a bit weird to ask for a challenge,” Hyeri also strongly sympathized.

Hyeri then mentioned that Key appeared on a web entertainment show and selected the top 5 younger brothers. She said, “I did that and then the kids said, ‘Brother, I’m in fourth place?’” She said, referring to the disappointed reactions of her juniors. In response, Hyeri said, “It’s because the kids like Key.”

Key responded, “I was really lonely around this time. Because there was no contact with the second generation. I guess we couldn’t even say hello because of COVID-19. But now that that has been resolved and I am free to do challenges, make eye contact, and meet people, I am starting to be happy to see juniors again when I go to music shows. However, juniors who are too young, juniors like Rise, are difficult for me as well,” he confessed. Rise is an SM boy group that is enjoying great popularity as soon as it debuted in September of last year.

In response to Hyeri’s question, “Isn’t it the same company?” Key responded, “Their debut years are 15 years apart. It’s difficult to give advice, and even if I try to say something, I worry, ‘What if people think of me as an old guy?’ “Do you know what it feels like to break if you touch it?” she asked. In response, Hyeri laughed and said, “My brother was like that too (when he was a rookie),” and Key said, “When I first came out, the seniors (we were too young) were like, ‘What are you guys?’ and ‘How do you talk?’ But now I feel like those seniors were feeling the same way. “I understand,” he confessed, revealing his senior’s feelings toward the fresh rookie Rise.

Reporter Ha Ha-na / Photo = ‘Hwon’s club’ video capture

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