‘Singer Gain 3’ Lee Isaac Hong, final winner… “I will live responsibly and work hard”

Photo ='Singer Gain 3' broadcast screen
Photo =’Singer Gain 3′ broadcast screen

[Sports Korea Reporter Kim Hyun-hee] Hong Isak won the final in ‘Singer Gain 3’

Hong Isaac won the final victory in the JTBC entertainment ‘Singer Gain 3’ broadcast on the 18th.

‘Singer Gain Season 3-Unknown Singer Exhibition (hereinafter Singer Gain 3)’ In the second round of the final, a ‘Free Song Round’ was held. The top seven, Kang Seong-hee, Shin Hae-sol, Su-bin So, Hong I-sak, Choo Seung-yeop, Lee Zell, and Ri-jin competed.

The finals were held in the first and second rounds. The final score accounted for 30% of the judges’ scores from the first round, the new song mission sound source score, and the new song mission video score, and 10% of the advance voting was reflected. In the second round of the final, the judges’ scores accounted for 20%, and the real-time text voting and Music Cow online voting held during the main broadcast accounted for 40%. As a result, first place was Hong Isak. They were followed by Soo-bin Soo in 2nd place, Ezel in 3rd place, Hae-sol Shin in 4th place, Ri-jin in 5th place, Seong-hee Kang in 6th place, and Seung-yeop Chu in 7th place.

First, Seung-Yeop Choo set the stage for the final round. Judge Code Kunst said, “Chu Seung-yeop has perfected the genre and clearly demonstrated it.” The judges’ scores were then revealed, with Code Kunst giving a score of 100 points and Seung-yeop Choo receiving a total of 781 points.

Next, Rijin performed on stage, and Kim Eana, who saw this, said, “I really liked the intro, even though it was not easy to digest,” adding, “But I think the sound was a little out of order. “I was a little disappointed because it was the final stage, but it was attractive enough,” she said. Ri-jin received a total score of 741 from the judges.

Ezel then revealed the stage, and created the only stage in the competition that elicited unison singing. In response, Jaebeom Lim said, “I felt like I was enjoying my performance rather than a competition,” and, “I did very well.” Code Kunst said, “It’s done perfectly,” and, “If I make an album, I think I’ll be able to do a lot of different things.” Kim Eana said, “I completely acknowledge the good performance,” and was moved to tears in the second verse. “The part that gave me goosebumps was perfect,” she said. Next, the judges’ scores were revealed, and Ezel received a total score of 773 points.

Next, singer Kang Seong-hee delivered an explosive performance. However, her slight mistake was disappointing. Regarding Kang Sung-hee, Kyuhyun said, “Even if she made a mistake, she immediately captured her heart,”and she commented, “I feel like she has vomited everything to the point where she can surpass the stages she has sung on so far.”did. Seonghee Kang recorded her total judges’ score of 765.

Afterwards, Soo-bin Soo set up the stage, and Lee Hae-ri said, “I tore it up from the guitar performance,”and, “I like it.”So, ‘I love you’ should? “It was so good,” he said. Kim Eana said, “The amazing parts come with great technique and emotion,” and, “She needs to plan each note, and she is the best and most perfect singer I’ve seen recently.” “She was on the best stage ever,” she said. Yoon Jong-shin said, “I think only the tone of voice is good, but it is not only the tone that is good. “I have my own way of riding the rhythm,” he said. So Soo-bin received her total judges’ score of 787.

Next, Shin Hae-sol set up the stage, and after the performance, Code Kunst said, “He is a gem of a musician. “I hope you look at everything with curiosity, even if it’s not music,” he said. “I wish I could continue making music with ash-like sensibility,” she said. Shin Hae-sol received a total of 769 points from the judges.

The stage of the last participant, Lee Isaac Hong, was also revealed. After Hong Isaac’s performance, the judges said, “Today is the most difficult day,”and Baek Ji-young said, “The arrangement and progress were good, but there was a small mistake.”But she said, “As a fan, she was happy to see this final stage.”Kim Eana said, “Today’s performance has finally reached a deep place,” and Lim Jae-beom also said, “I will be remembered as a singer with no expiration date.” “I hope you don’t care about the score,” he said. Next, the judges’ total scores were revealed, and Hong Isak scored 761 points.

Then, the live voting in real time ended. The combined rankings to date, excluding text votes, were revealed, and 1st place was Hong Isak, 2nd place was Soo-bin Soo, 3rd place was Ezel, 4th place was Ri-jin, 5th place was Shin Hae-seol, 6th place was Kang Seong-hee, and 7th place was Chu Seung-yeop. ranking was recorded. Singer Soo-bin Soo, who ranked second in voting, expressed her aspirations about her ranking predictions, saying, “I will come in first place.”Next, Hong Isak, who took first place, said, “I was disappointed with the last stage, but it gave me motivation,” and, “I was wondering if it was a mirage, but I felt it was real, so I will gain strength and do well in the future.”

At the end of the broadcast, the final rankings were announced. As a result, Seung-yeop Choo ended up in 7th place. Kang Seong-hee ranked 6th, Lizzy ranked 5th, Haesol Shin ranked 4th, and Ezel took third place and won a premium sofa and 30 million won. Ezel was happy and said, “It’s like a dream. I got to ride the sofa for my parents.”

Afterwards, the final winner was announced, with Hong Isak taking first place and Soobin Soo taking second place. Soo-bin Soo, who took second place, said, “I thought, not how can I win, but how can I stay by the side,” and added, “There is a fandom. ‘Susukkang’ Thank you everyone. She must have been anxious while competing. “Thank you so much,” she said.

Lee Isaac Hong, who won the championship, expressed his thoughts, saying, “I decided not to regret it,” and, “Now that I have won, I will take that responsibility and do my best in life.”

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