Song Kang, ‘Death Crisis’ Kim Yoo-jung survived and disappeared “Don’t go” Tears (‘My Demon’)[Comprehensive]


[Sports Reporter Jeong An-ji] ‘My Demon’ Song Kang saved Kim Yoo-jung and disappeared.

In the SBS ‘My Demon’ broadcast on the 19th, Jeong Gu-won (played by Song Kang) was depicted saving Do Do-hee (played by Kim Yu-jung) before disappearing.

In the last broadcast, the secret of Do Do-hee’s parents’ death, which was intertwined with salvation, was revealed. Do Do-hee says that her father (played by Kim Young-jae) is & # 39; the devil & # 39; Shocked that she was her contractor, Guwon, who accepted her own nature and destiny as a ‘demon’, bid her farewell to Do Do-hee.

Do-hee, who was left alone, shed tears as she looked at the place where Gu-won had left. Do Hee said, “Spring has already begun underground in October, when the chilly wind begins to blow and the cold winter begins. But that also means that while the beautiful spring with cherry blossoms is blooming, winter has already begun in the ground,” he said. “Even in the happy moments with you, perhaps our separation had already begun?”


Guwon said, “Director Park is the chairman of the Sunwol Foundation from now on,” and “CEO.” He handed me a nameplate. Salvation says, “I’ll be gone for a while.” Until then, please take good care of the Sunwol Foundation. “Until Do Do-hee gets a happy ending without me,” he said.

Joo Seok-hoon (played by Lee Sang-i) visited Do Do-hee. Joo Seok-hoon asked, “Is Jeong Gu-won really leaving?” and Do Hee said, “The contract is over. From the beginning, I decided to catch the culprit and stay with Jeong Gu-won until he got his tattoo back. “It just went back to the way it was,” he said.

Do Hee, who returned home, said, “It’s okay. You were originally alone. “It’s just back to normal,” he said and fell asleep on the sofa. At that time, salvation came and protected Do Do-hee while she was sleeping.

The next day, Do Hee woke up in bed and saw that the seat next to her was warm and left the room, saying “Jeong Gu Won”, but no one was there.

That evening, Do-hee Do-hee came home drunk, stumbled and fell, injuring her leg. At this time too, Guwon came and held Dodo-hee’s sleeping hand tightly and stayed by her side. When Dodo Hee woke up, he was surprised to find no wounds on his legs.


In response, Do Hee said to Sin Sin-seo (played by Seo Jeong-yeon), “It seems like Jeong Gu-won is lingering by my side.” Shin Sin-seo then said, “It’s a common aftereffect of a breakup,” and Do-hee said, “I guess so, right? “I guess it doesn’t feel real yet,” he said.

Do-hee, who was leaving work, thought about Gu-won and went to the Sunwol Foundation. There, she found a photo she had taken with Gu-won and shed tears.

At that time, Park Bok-gyu (played by Heo Jeong-do) came, and Do Hee said, “I came because I missed Jeong Gu-won so much.” This was the only place I could think of. When he left, he didn’t say anything. Saying thank you and saying sorry. I sent you away. “The more I love you, the more it hurts, so I let go,” she said, shedding tears.

Park Bok-gyu handed Do Do-hee Jeong Gu-won’s cross necklace. Do Do-hee, who fell asleep wearing her true love’s cross necklace, dreamed of her past life.

Wolsim and Lee Seon met by chance in the past. Afterwards, the two fell in love, but Wolsim eventually closed his eyes in front of Lee Seon. Wolsim said, “I have no regrets.” A life that was meant to die anyway. However, she said, “Just once, let the master forget about me.””So that you don’t suffer, so that your memories of me don’t become painful,” he said.

Do Hee woke up and said, “I was Wolsim.” “On the day I was about to die, Lee Seon saved me,” he said, and tried to head to the place where he had memories with Lee Seon.


However, Noh Seok-min kidnapped Do Do-hee, and Noh Seok-min threatened Do Do-hee by saying, “Quickly call the devil.” At that time, Jeong Gu-won appeared.

Angry, Jeong Gu-won attacked Noh Seok-min, and Do-hee said, “You can’t kill him.””If you kill me, you will disappear,” he said, running to stop him. Jeong Gu-won said, “I missed you.” Dodohee hugged her tightly, saying, “It’s her.”

At that moment, Noh Seok-min pointed a gun at the two people, and Do-hee said, “No,” and was shot. In response, Jeong Gu-won said, “Don’t die.” After saying, “I can do everything,” he kissed Do Do Hee. At that moment, Do Do-hee came to her senses, and she shed tears, saying, “You really saved me?” Afterwards, the broadcast ended with Jeong Gu-won disappearing, raising expectations for the final episode.

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