‘Sound of Freedom’ surpasses Tom Cruise and takes first place at the box office, released on February 21st

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[News Reporter Bae Hyo-joo]

‘Sound of Freedom’, which ranks first in the North American box office, will be released in Korea on February 21st.

The movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ (directed by Alejandro Monteverde) is about Tim Ballard, who felt guilty about the fact that he arrested numerous child sex offenders as part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, but was unable to save a single child victim. This work is based on the true story of a new organization being formed to rescue children.

As soon as it was released in North America in 2023, it surpassed ‘Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning PART ONE’ and ‘Indiana Jones: Dial of Fate’ and ranked first in the box office, garnering attention.

In the released poster, you can see ‘Team Ballard’ standing firmly as if he is protecting families affected by child trafficking, and you can feel his strong sense of duty.

The trailer released along with this draws attention as it begins with a shocking scene in which a woman pretending to be a manager kidnaps a girl named ‘Rosio’. Next, government agent ‘Tim Ballard’, who learns of the terrible reality that many children, including ‘Rosio’, are being forcibly used in crimes, begins an operation to save the children, providing an extremely immersive experience. The copy, “Someone must be saved!” and the line from ‘Tim Ballard’, which says, “If we remain silent, the suffering of children will continue to spread,” resonate deeply with viewers. In addition, a video containing actual CCTV footage of a child kidnapping crime scene appears at the end of the trailer, raising awareness of child crimes that actually occur beyond the movie’s story.

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