‘Sued by man for incest’ Kang Kyung-jun, cowardice in choosing silence over his family [ST Issue]

Kang Kyeong-jun / Photo = DB
Kang Kyeong-jun / Photo = DB

[Sports Today Reporter Seo Ji-hyun] Actor Kang Kyung-jun chose to remain silent after being accused of adultery. Her actions to date are unclear, leaving only a brief statement saying, “Misunderstanding.”

It was revealed to the public on the 3rd that Kang Kyung-jun had filed a lawsuit claiming alimony for an incestuous man worth 5 million won. The person suspected of Kang Kyeong-jun’s affair was a married woman named A who worked full-time at the same real estate agency.

K-Star Global Entity, which was initially in charge of Kang Kyung-jun’s management, said, “There is a risk of misunderstanding, so we plan to respond sequentially.”

In particular, as Kang Kyung-jun has already appeared on a number of family entertainment programs and revealed his daily life with his wife and actress Jang Shin-young and their two sons, the public wanted to believe the ‘misunderstanding’ claimed by Kang Kyung-jun.

However, public opinion was overturned when private text messages between Kang Kyeong-jun and Mr. A were revealed. In response, K-Star Global Entity announced that it would suspend the extension of the exclusive contract that was being discussed with Kang Kyeong-jun, saying, “It is related to the actor’s personal life, so the company does not seem to have anything to answer.”

Kang Kyung-jun, who also declared that his agency would “break up,” has not had any further statement since then. In relation to this, the Sunday Newspaper reported that Kang Kyung-jun recently appointed a lawyer. However, as a notice of appointment has not been submitted to the court to date, some believe that Kang Kyung-jun will attempt to reach a settlement with the plaintiff.

Kang Gyeong-jun's son, Goryeo Khitan War / Photo = KBS2
Kang Gyeong-jun’s son, Goryeo Khitan War / Photo = KBS2

Kang Kyeong-jun’s accusation of adultery was a huge blow to his image as a sound family man. Above all, it was his family who suffered the most damage and wounds. Even the first son, who is known to be an aspiring actor, has already appeared on KBS2 ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ It was announced that he would appear in a minor role. However, as controversy over Kang Kyeong-jun’s private life arose, a cloud over his son’s dreams.

Kang Kyeong-jun’s son, who previously announced his challenge for a minor role in KBS2’s The Return of Superman, is in danger of being edited out. Nevertheless, fortunately, Kang Kyeong-jun’s son was briefly seen on KBS2’s ‘Goryeo Khitan War’ aired on the 21st.

At the same time, his wife Jang Shin-young was also on the public’s chopping block. Jang Shin-young’s personal SNS was flooded with comments conveying her support and advice disguised as advice. As they are already a well-known celebrity couple, their every move in the controversy over their private life was highlighted.

However, despite this controversy, what Kang Kyung-jun chose was ‘silence’. Kang Kyung-jun, who chose to remain silent after briefly expressing his position through his former agency, has even been rumored to have gone into hiding. In addition, the other person, Mr. A, is also absent from work without permission and has currently received a preliminary notice of dismissal.

Even family members unrelated to the controversy over Kang Kyung-jun’s private life are being raised. Nevertheless, Kang Kyung-jun appears to reveal his position later. Meanwhile, the family is bearing the brunt of the damage. A truly cowardly move.

[Sports Today Reporter Seo Ji-hyun ent@stoo.com]

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