‘Tell me you love me’ Shin Hyun-bin, quietly permeating [Interview]

Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Provided by Yubon Company
Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Provided by Yubon Company

[Sports Today Reporter Im Si-ryeong] Strength in calmness. This is what comes to mind when I think of actor Shin Hyun-bin. Even though Shin Hyun-bin is not an easy actor, she finds happiness in it and shows another face.

Genie TV Original ‘Tell Me I Love You’ (written by Kim Min-jeong, directed by Kim Yun-jin) is a classic melodrama about the silent love between Cha Jin-woo (Jung Woo-sung), a painter who speaks with his hands, and actress Jeong Mo-eun (Shin Hyun-bin), who listens with her heart.

Shin Hyun-bin played the role of Jeong Mo-eun, a disease-free actress. She is a caring and healthy person, and as she meets and falls in love with Cha Jin-woo, she also grows up.

Shin Hyun-bin said, “In the character description, it says that he is like a well-washed and dried linen shirt. It’s okay for her to be crumpled, she is someone who accepts herself, she is someone who is healthy and tries to survive as best as she can even when everything is not going well. “When she saw me, I thought she was a healthy person,”she said. “She also brought out similarities in me.”My way of speaking is also melting. However, she laughed, saying, “I think Mo-eun in the drama was braver than me at times and made bold choices.”

In particular, it is Shin Hyun-bin who learned sign language for the first time in this work. Regarding sign language acting, “As I was learning it, there were many similarities, so it was fun but also difficult. Sign languages ​​have different ways of saying sentences. However, Jeong Mo-eun communicates with Cha Jin-woo in the same way as verbal language. “A month or two before filming, she learned it as if she were taking a foreign language class, and a teacher was always present on set,”she said.

In addition to sign language, he said that it was the longest time to share his emotions while looking at the other person’s face among all the works he had done. Shin Hyun-bin said, “She communicated by looking into her partner’s eyes rather than using sign language. I don’t think she’s ever looked at someone for that long, but she felt a lot like communicating in a foreign language. “She doesn’t have the give and take of sound, but she looks at the emotion for a long time, and it was a new experience for her to take it and act,” she said.

Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Studio Genie, provided by Studio & New
Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Studio Genie, provided by Studio & New

Jeong Mo-eun, shown by Shin Hyun-bin, shone with inner strength. When she was with Cha Jin-woo, the man she loved, her inner beauty doubled.

Jeong Mo-eun’s simple lines in the play were well-received by viewers. Shin Hyun-bin said, “I tried to express my sincerity in the moment. In particular, there were many lines that left a deep impression in my heart, rather than lines that made my heart flutter. “I wanted to express my true feelings plainly and honestly,” she said.

Shin Hyun-bin, who chose the line, “Let’s love until we hate everything,” said, “This is the narration that appeared at the beginning of Part 1. She is a line that penetrates & # 39; Tell me you love me & # 39; “There were parts that made me think a lot,” she said. “She thought Moeun was a courageous person.” She doesn’t think the two would have broken up after they met again. “She sees this as the love that best suits them both,” she revealed.

“I thought, ‘I wonder if this drama will age well. Surprisingly, young people enjoyed watching it. “I thought the core part of love was the same,” he said with a laugh.

Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Studio Genie, provided by Studio & New
Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Studio Genie, provided by Studio & New

Of course, there were moments of worry. It must not have been easy to deliver the lines only in one’s own voice and not in the voice of the romantic partner, and to fully receive the emotions. Shin Hyun-bin said, “It was a work that I couldn’t force myself to do, and I couldn’t do it if my breathing wasn’t good. She was worried about this at first. “But in the end, she wanted to tell a story about communication, and she had faith that she could do it with senior Jung Woo-sung,” she recalled.

He continued, “I saw and felt that Jung Woo-sung was doing his best. It was a situation where I had to express myself beyond acting out loud to be accepted. In the end, she said, “I think each of us is good at some things, but I think it has an impact on how the other person sees it.”

Meanwhile, “‘Tell me you love me’ is a drama that carries emotions for a long time. I felt attracted to each of them, tried to approach them, but they pushed me away, and as those relationships continued, I found myself thinking about love, people, and communication. In fact, while filming, I learned a lot about the importance of the actors, staff, and the things around me. He talked about the meaning of the work, saying, “I was greatly influenced by the fact that it was a romance and at the same time a story about humans and life.”

Shin Hyun-bin said, “It doesn’t seem like anything major happened, but the viewer’s response was that it’s already over. It seemed calm, but there was also talk that it seemed to have ended quickly. It’s a small thing, but it means that you paid attention to it, so we’re grateful, and it’s the story we wanted to show through this work. The importance of things that pass by. He also expressed his gratitude for the favorable reviews, saying, “I think people were happy to see us communicating and concentrating on the other person.”

Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Provided by Yubon Company
Tell me you love me Shin Hyun-bin / Photo = Provided by Yubon Company

Shin Hyun-bin has already entered his 15th year as an actor. In a field where there were many of her seniors, she said it was a new experience to see more and more juniors. Shin Hyun-bin said, “I was wondering when she turned 15 years old.”I felt like so much time had passed. I think it’s similar, but she said, “She looked embarrassed.

At the same time, Shin Hyun-bin calmly expressed his sense of responsibility and conviction about his job. He said, “It’s hard because of the work,”and then someone said, “Do you really want to be that comfortable and happy?”I said, “It won’t work,”but I gained enlightenment. Learning seems to be a difficult and unhappy profession. But I think that feeling pain within it is happiness. Each piece is painful, but I am happy. “If I’m not happy while filming my work, I’ll be unhappy most of the time,” he said honestly.

I also felt a genuine youthful attitude towards the work. Shin Hyun-bin especially ‘Wise Doctor Life’ Season 2, ‘People who look like you’ ‘Monster’ ‘The youngest son of a chaebol family’ Her filmography is filled with well-made works such as. Shin Hyun-bin laughed and said, “I think it’s a blessing.”

He said, “At some point, it felt like work was fate. I couldn’t do the work I couldn’t do, and I ended up doing the work I was supposed to do. Surprisingly, sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t. Some works cause distress, and that can lead to being cast in other works. I liked it, but sometimes there are situations where I am satisfied. Fortunately, I think I was really lucky. “I was able to actively work on my work, and I think I met a lot of good people through it,” he said. “I’m not the type of person to revisit a work after it has passed.” Instead, people remain, and those things are the greatest strength to me. “I have no choice but to admit that I am lucky and blessed to have met a good team and good people and created a good project,” he confessed.

What is Shin Hyun-bin’s next plan? He said, “I’m filming a romantic comedy.” It is likely to be released around the second half of this year. I am considering what to do next. Last year, I didn’t have time to rest, so I’m hoping to make some resolutions and have some time to play this year. “I hope you can have fun at work without getting tired,” he said with a smile.

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