The miracle of small and medium-sized companies, Hikey, releases ‘Thinkin’ About You’ today (19th)

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[News Reporter Ha Ji-won]

Group H1-KEY (Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, Yell)’s first new song of the new year will be released.

Hi-Key will release its new digital single ‘Thinkin’ on January 19th at 6pm through various online music sites at home and abroad. About You’ is released.

‘Thinkin’ About You”s 2nd mini album ‘Seoul Dreaming’ was released in August last year. This is Hi-Key’s first new album in about five months, and it is the song that decorates the first page of the ambitious project ‘H1-KEYnote’ to welcome the new year.

‘Thinkin’ is a pop-style genre that combines a warm acoustic guitar sound with minimal drums and bass. About You’ is a song that expresses longing for an ex-lover. The emotional vocals of the Hi-Key members that melt into the cold winter are impressive, and the image of the speaker in the song, who is saddened by the breakup but never sheds tears, is expected to arouse sympathy from listeners.

Also, at 00:00 on this day, Hi-Key posted ‘Thinkin’ through its official SNS account. About You’ A group D-DAY poster was posted. The members in the image, wearing chic black-colored outfits, are capturing the attention of fans by once again exuding unrivaled elegance as individuals and as a complete group.

Highkey, who achieved remarkable results throughout the year, ranked first on a music show for the first time since his debut last year, and ranked 16th and 37th on Genie Music and Melon’s 2023 annual streaming charts, respectively, with his new song ‘Thinkin’ Starting with About You, we plan to continue our activities in 2024.

Meanwhile, High Key performed the new song ‘Thinkin’ on KBS 2TV’s music program ‘Music Bank’, which aired on the afternoon of the 19th. About You’ The stage is revealed for the first time.

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