The name of IU’s new song is ‘Love wins all’… Track Sampler Revealed [Official]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Bora] Ahead of the release of her new album, singer IU gave ‘Uaena’ (official fan club name) the pleasure of watching.

On the 20th, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment released a track sampler for the song ‘Love wins all’, which will be released on the 24th, through its official SNS.

The track sampler released on this day attracts attention as it is set in a somewhat eerie-looking space. Here, a mounted camcorder appears, a camcorder placed among discarded TVs, and a store appears, but the window is broken as if it is no longer in operation. Additionally, restaurants and food full of cobwebs and dust appear, raising curiosity.

Then, the camcorder appears again, and the mood changes to a clean and neat feeling as if it had never happened before, and scenes that seem to be the original appearance of the places that appeared just before appear one after another. At the end of the video, the logo appears with a discharged camcorder. Unpredictable scenes unfolded through the video, which lasted about 23 seconds, instantly drawing attention.

‘Love wins all’, which IU is releasing this time, is a ballad song that starts with a minimal and vintage piano intro and builds up to a maximal outro. Among the songs released so far, ‘Secret’, ‘To the Name’, ‘Love poem’, ‘Child and My Sea’ It is expected that IU will continue her major ballad series, which has been greatly loved by not only her fans but also the public.

IU’s ‘Love wins all’ will be released on major online music sites at 6pm on the 24th.


[Photo] EDAM Entertainment

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