There were no surprises… The task left by Hong Isak’s winner ‘Singer Gain’

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JTBC ‘Singer Gain 3’ aired on the 18th. A scene from the final meeting.

<Singer Gain 3> The winner, as expected, was Hong Isak. JTBC’s

Following Lee Seung-yoon (Season 1) and Kim Ki-tae (Season 2), <Singer Gain> Hong Isak, who became the final protagonist of Season 3, said, “When I first started, I wanted to do everything I had in each round,”and added, “As I won, I will take responsibility for the future journey and do my best.”reported.

Soobin Soo, who came in second place, said, “How can I win?” “Instead, she prepared for each round by thinking about how she could stay by your side,”she said. “She was happy to believe and sing what she thought was right.”

In addition, 3rd place Ezel, 4th place Shin Hae-sol, 5th place Ri-jin, 6th place Kang Seong-hee, and 7th place Seung-yeop Chu became the main characters of the Top 7. Meanwhile, in the second round of the final on this day, in a special performance, judge Lim Jae-beom impressed the viewers by singing his representative song ‘Emergency’ with the participants who made

Audition entertainment was still effective

JTBC ‘Singer Gain 3’ aired on the 18th. A scene from the final meeting.

There were many opinions that music-related survival audition entertainment, which enjoyed its heyday around 2010 but had been in decline for several years, would no longer work on broadcasters. A variety of cable and comprehensive channels such as Mnet, JTBC, MBN, and Channel A showed a large number of vocal-centered non-trot auditions, but they were not very entertaining, and at least


While various participants, from unknown to popular singers of the past, competed for their skills, it can be said as an achievement that hidden gems whose true value was not yet known stood out through

What to expect from the follow-up season

JTBC ‘Singer Gain 3’ aired on the 18th. A scene from the final meeting.

<Singer Gain> In the series, among various music auditions, the judges have a greater influence. It is only in the final round that the number of YouTube views and likes, music score, and text voting are reflected.

As a result, as the rounds progressed, heated debates broke out in related communities and social media over whether some participants passed or failed. It is also true that the choices of the production team or some of the judges did not sufficiently persuade viewers to simply dismiss it as an overindulgence in the program or my favorite participating singer. As a result, various controversies and noise were often mentioned as well as the topicality of

Separately from this, another task remains after the program ends: the participants must grow into singers who can establish themselves in the music world. Unlike season 1 contestants Lee Seung-yoon and Lee Moo-jin, who are each making a mark in the performance and music market, the current positions of season 2 winners are relatively disappointing.

For an audition entertainment show to be successful, the popularity of the program, such as viewership ratings and topicality, as well as the future performance of the participants are also important. Mnet < In its early days, Superstar K produced stars such as Seo In-guk, Huh Gak, Busker Busker, John Park, and Kang Seung-yoon, and SBS < Didn’t K-Pop Star > grow together with many impressive winners such as Akdong Musician (now Akmu), Lee Hi, and Baek A-yeon?

In light of these precedents, <Singer Gain 3> In addition, it can be said that discovering prospects is essential in the upcoming season.

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