‘Tone & Music Festival 2024’, blind tickets sold out…lineup revealed sequentially


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Na-yeon] Blind tickets for ‘Tone & Music Festival 2024′, Korea’s only R&B music festival, were sold out within 3 hours of opening on the 17th of this month.

The Tone & Music Festival announced a successful start in 2023, the first year of its launch, with 20,000 audiences filling the lawn of Olympic Park for two days. Thanks to a lot of support from the audience, it was confirmed that the event will be held at Olympic Park 88 Lawn Yard on Saturday, June 15th and Sunday, June 16th this year.

This year, blind tickets were opened earlier for the audience who were eagerly waiting for the Tone & Music Festival. Blind tickets are a limited number of tickets sold at the highest discount rate before the lineup announcement. Blind ticket sales, which began on the afternoon of the 17th, were sold out within 3 hours of opening, confirming the audience’s expectations for this year’s performance.

Regardless of the genre, the ‘Tone & Music Festival’ is based on live performance without MR. This is to provide the maximum enjoyment that music can give to the audience who spend money and time to visit the site. Due to the rarity of musicians who usually perform through MR unless they are solo performers performing live at the Tone & Music Festival, word of mouth spread among the audience from the first year of the event.

Another feature is that it presents a new key color every year. Considering the fact that audiences are very interested in the clothes and accessories they wear when visiting the venue, we propose a key color every year so that the audience can have the pleasure of not only listening, but also seeing and wearing it at the same time. For this year, ‘warm yellow’ and ‘cool blue’ were proposed.

‘Tone & Music Festival 2024′ listens to the voices of the audience through various events. Recently, a lineup recommendation event was launched through the official Instagram account. Audience members directly recommend the artist they would most like to meet at the festival through comments, and when that artist is included in the actual festival lineup, tickets to the festival are given through a drawing among participants. This is an effort to reflect recent trends when forming the lineup.

The organizer, Mple Entertainment, said, “From the audience’s perspective, the top priority is to create a festival that can be enjoyed in a fun and happy way,” adding, “We provide musicians with an environment where they can freely showcase their music, and the audience enjoys the tone and music created by the musicians.” “We will create a tone and music festival where people can perfectly blend in and breathe together.”

Meanwhile, details regarding ticket information and lineup for ‘Tone & Music Festival 2024′ will be released sequentially through the official SNS account.


[Photo] Ample Entertainment

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