‘Trot Lim Soo-jeong’ Yeom Yu-ri defeats Kim So-yeon in the 4th round..’11:2 victory'[Miss Trot 3]

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Photo = TV Chosun 'Miss Trot 3'
Photo = TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 3’

‘Trot Lim Soo-jeong’ Yeom Yu-ri defeated Kim So-yeon in a 1:1 death match amidst rave reviews from the masters and advanced to the fourth round.

Yuri Yeom appeared on TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 3’ which aired on the 18th. In the 3rd round 1:1 death match held in the 5th episode, she continued her path to victory by showing off the unexpected charm that she achieved through her efforts.

Yeom Yu-ri, who went on stage as a second performer after being nominated by Kim So-yeon, surprised people by abandoning her vocal singing style and boldly choosing an authentic trot song to perfectly sing the trot style.

Yeom Yu-ri, who drew admiration from the masters with her captivating trot singing style from the beginning, brought the audience to the stage with her unwavering singing ability along with her exciting dance when the melody was reversed.

Yuri Yeom mixed a variety of techniques while freely moving across her uniquely solid yet wide range of vocal range, and eventually attempted a triple high note in the middle of the stage, dazzling the eyes and ears of the master corps. After the performance, Lee Chan-won said, “I abandoned the vocal base, but it was noticeable that he was incorporating the strengths of vocal music.” He gave high praise, saying, “If we continue to show this new side, we can expect to be in the top 7 and beyond.”

Kim Yeon-ja said, “She looks like a trot singer so much that I was confused as to whether she was a vocal singer. Not only was I able to get through it by vocalizing or using nasal sounds, but I was surprised by the 3rd level high notes. “Please teach me too,” he praised. Jang Yoon-jeong said, “Her cute and charming appearance reminded me of Shin-ae Shin-ae. She left a comment saying, “It was an unconventional and unexpected performance, and there will be more fans following this performance after it is broadcast.”

As a result of the match, Kim So-yeon, who came first, was selected by 2 people, and Yeom Yu-ri was selected by 11 people, won an overwhelming victory and advanced to the 4th round. She left a comment saying, “I worked hard and practiced a lot, and I am grateful that you recognized that.”.

Meanwhile, Yeom Yu-ri appeared on Mnet’s ‘I Hear Your Voice’ in 2017 and attracted attention with her nickname ‘Daejeon Lim Soo-jeong’ due to her resemblance to actress Lim Soo-jeong. The musical Phantom of the Opera OST ‘Think Of Me’ is loved so far and has recorded over 14 million views.

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