[Weekend Theater] ‘Alien+Human’ Part 2 is expected to reach 1 million viewers

'Alien+Human' Part 2 [provided by CJ ENM. Resale and DB prohibited]
‘Alien+Human’ Part 2 [provided by CJ ENM. Resale and DB prohibited]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Young-jae = Director Choi Dong-hoon’s ‘Alien + Human’ will be shown in theaters this weekend. Part 2 is expected to exceed 1 million cumulative viewers.

According to the integrated movie theater ticket network on the 19th, ‘Alien+Human’ Part 2 ranked first at the box office the previous day, with over 40,000 people watching (29.7% sales share).

The cumulative number of viewers for this film, which was released on the 10th, is approximately 815,000. It is highly likely that the number of people will exceed 1 million this weekend.

‘Alien+Human’ Part 2 has been ranked first ever since its release, but a red light is on for its box office prospects. The number of viewers on the first weekend (12th to 14th) was only about 480,000.

Disney’s 100th Anniversary animation ‘Wish’ was in second place the day before, attracting over 21,000 viewers (15.3%).

Director Kim Seong-soo’s ‘Seoul Spring’ maintained third place with over 16,000 viewers (12.3%) even though it has been almost two months since its release. The cumulative number of viewers was 12.855 million, surpassing the 11th largest box office hit of all time, ‘The Gift from Room 7’ (12.81 million), ‘The Thieves'(1,000). 2.98 million people).

Director Kim Han-min’s ‘Noryang: The Sea of ​​Death’ ranked 4th with over 11,000 people (8.6%) watching the previous day, and Hollywood animation ‘Into the World’ saw over 8,000 people (5.5%). %), it ranked 5th.

As of this morning, the reservation rate was ‘alien+human’ Part 2 is the highest at 25.7%. ‘Wish’ (12.4%) is following behind, and director Park Young-joo’s ‘Citizen Deok-hee’ (11.6%), which opens on the 24th, is in third place.


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