‘Without blood and tears’ Lee So-yeon “It has a different charm from existing dramas… It will be easy to watch,”


[TV Report = Reporter Kim Hyun-seo] Actress Lee So-yeon revealed the reason why she appeared in ‘Without Blood and Tears’.

22nd at 11 am KBS2 ‘Without blood and tears’ An online production presentation was held. On this day, director Kim Shin-il and actors Lee So-yeon, Ha Yeon-ju, Oh Chang-seok, Jang Se-hyeon, Jeong Chan, and Park Shin-woo appeared and graced the event.

‘Without Blood and Tears’ depicts the tragic story of sisters who were separated when their parents divorced when they were young, but meet again in a whirlpool of fate, leading to catastrophe.

On this day, Director Kim Shin-il said, “I saw an article this morning and it said that our country has the highest divorce rate in Asia. Our drama begins with the story of the children of a couple who divorced for financial reasons. “I thought divorce was a common emotional event,” he said. “Because the work could be too dark, I brought in comical characters.” “We are trying to make gags and comedies look attractive,” he said, “without blood or tears.” Points of directing were mentioned.

‘Miss Montecristo’ Lee So-yeon, who returned after three years, said, “The keyword ‘revenge’ is similar, but it feels completely different. The character I played back then was a woman with a venomous character, but this time, we get to see how a perfect woman experiences conflict and how she deals with it. “There is no poisonous part yet,” he said with a smile.

Ha Yeon-ju said, “It’s been a while since I’ve been active, so it’s unfamiliar. I have a personal history so far, so I wanted to show a little more depth than in the past. Although he is a villain, he has some interesting elements. He expressed his affection for Bae Do-eun, who he plays, saying, “It is a character that is vicious but cute and has many charms.”

Regarding the reason for appearing in ‘Without Blood and Tears, Lee So-yeon said, “I think our drama has a different charm from the dramas previously aired on KBS2 during this time slot. There are characters with a sense of humor and the tension of revenge. It also contains the warmth of family. “I’m hoping that viewers will be able to watch it comfortably and have fun,” he said with a smile.

Meanwhile, ‘Without Blood and Tears’ will premiere at 7:50 PM on the 22nd.

Reporter Kim Hyun-seo khs@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = KBS2

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