Yeon-jin’s daughter Oh Ji-yul, the deep passion that made Oh Jeong-se move (Lee Jae, I’m Dying Soon)

Capture from TVING ‘Jae Lee, I’ll Die Soon’
Capture from TVING ‘Jae Lee, I’ll Die Soon’

[News Reporter Ha Ji-won]

Actress Oh Ji-yul has captured the hearts of viewers since the beginning of this year with her pure acting as a popular child actor.

Oh Ji-yul, who received a lot of love as ‘Yeonjin’s daughter’ in last year’s Netflix original series ‘The Glory’, made a lasting impression on viewers by appearing in Part 2 of TV’s original ‘Lee Jae, I’m Dying Soon’, which was released on January 5th.

Oh Ji-yul plays the role of Woo Seul-gi, the daughter of Woo Ji-hoon (Choi Woo-jin), a junior detective of Ahn Ji-hyung (Oh Jeong-se), who is the reincarnation of Choi Lee-jae (Seo In-guk), and plays a great role as a loving daughter who worries about her father, who is a police officer. did.

In the play, Seulgi asks Jihyeong, “Uncle, when you go out, where does it always hurt?” “When my dad comes home from work, he keeps saying something hurts,” he said, confessing his painful feelings about his dad getting hurt. In particular, Seulgi, who promised her father that she would not hurt him, put a cute bandage on the wound on his hand and then showed her kind heart by saying, “Please don’t hurt my uncle, too.”

Afterwards, Ji-hyeong rushed to the criminal instead of Woo Ji-hoon to keep his promise to Seul-gi. Seulgi’s flawless and clear appearance as she thinks about her father is what made the terrain move.

Oh Ji-yul’s acting was even more brilliant. Seulgi, who visited the funeral home of her deceased An Hyeong-hyeong, shed tears incessantly and said her final words of gratitude for keeping her promise to herself. In particular, her emotions in the scene where she says, “I miss you, uncle,” while looking at Ji-hyeong’s photo were clearly conveyed to the viewers and touched their hearts.

Despite her young age, Oh Ji-yul showed off her unique presence with her extraordinary character digestion ability, encompassing everything from pure and lovely appearance to serious emotional acting.

Oh Ji-yul has appeared in various works such as ‘Lee Jae, I’m Dying Soon’ Part 2, ‘Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo’, ‘The Glory’, and ‘Agency’, and is continuing her title as a popular child actor with her sharp acting.

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