14th class Oksun, ‘ugly’ I lost weight because of malicious comments… “Popular decline, disappearing like a mirage” (‘Nasol Sagye’) [Comprehensive]

[Ten Asia = Reporter Kang Min-kyung]

/Photo=ENA·SBS Plus 'I am SOLO, and after that, love continues' broadcast screen
/Photo=ENA·SBS Plus ‘I am SOLO, and after that, love continues’ broadcast screen

‘Nasol Four Seasons’ in earnest with ‘Jjak’ The time for the men from the past to show off their charms has begun.

In ENA·SBS Plus ‘I am SOLO, after that love continues (hereinafter referred to as Nasol Sagye)’, which aired on the 18th. A ‘pair’ that truly explodes 10 years of experience. The unexpected charm of the four men from the program was revealed.

The men who entered the night’s drinking date selection each chose one of the four Oksoon sitting on the outdoor bench of the solo guesthouse. Just before the men’s selection, Ok-sun from the 7th group and Ok-sun from the 9th group revealed their crush on Man No. 1, saying, “I’m curious about Man No. 1’s mental world,”in a heart-to-heart interview with the production team. However, Male No. 1 chose the 14th Oksun, Male No. 2 chose the 7th Oksoon, and Male No. 3 chose the 9th Oksun. Lastly, a two-on-one date was confirmed when male number 4, after some conflict, sat down next to Ok-soon of the 14th class. Only 11th generation Ok-sun received only 0 votes, so she was left alone in the dorm.

14th generation Ok-soon started a date for a night out with Boy No. 1 and Boy No. 4. Man No. 1 sat at an outdoor table in a restaurant and conducted a household survey on Ok-sun, a member of the 14th class, who sat across from her. Male No. 1 surprised the 14th class Ok-sun by confessing, “My first love worked at the same airline as Ok-sun.” On the other hand, 14th class Ok Sun-eun ‘I am SOLO’ At that time, she became a popular girl by being chosen by three people on her first date, but she recalled her pain of not being chosen as the final couple. He also mentioned Team Oksoon’s toast speech, which was a hot topic at the time. At the same time, “(after Team Oksoon’s remarks), they fell. (Popularity) disappeared like a mirage. I am ‘I am SOLO’ When I appeared on the show, I felt like it was wrong to be greedy due to fatalism, so I relaxed my strength this time.

After the date, Male No. 1 said in an interview with the production team, “I don’t think that’s him.. “I’ve never lived alone, but they say that when a person who has lived alone for a long time meets someone who hasn’t, there are a lot of problems,” he said, announcing that he had deleted Oksun, a 14th generation woman living alone, from his crush list. However, “If you dig into the details, it doesn’t seem to be the case, and it’s good just to look at it. “I have a lot of worries about what to do with this,” he said, revealing his conflicted feelings. On the other hand, Oksun from the 14th class said, “After talking with him, Male No. 1 seems like a nice person.” He sent a positive signal, saying, “I want to get to know you both.”

/Photo=ENA·SBS Plus 'I am SOLO, and after that, love continues' broadcast screen
/Photo=ENA·SBS Plus ‘I am SOLO, and after that, love continues’ broadcast screen

Man No. 2, who dated Ok-soon in the 7th period, was happy to discover what they had in common. Man No. 2 said, “I don’t expect anything miraculous to happen within this time. He expressed his view on love, saying, “You have to wait a long time.” 7th generation Oksun-do responded, saying, “She has to wait a year before she can start dating.” Regarding the meaning of her final choice, she confirmed the commonality, saying, “It is right to get to know each other more rather than dating as soon as we leave (on the filming set).”7th class Ok-soon confessed that her liking for her grew after the date, saying, “I felt like she was someone I took time to get to know, just like me.” Man No. 2 also said, “She’s a nicer person than I thought,” expressing her romance with 7th class Ok-sun. I raised the temperature.

Before her date with Man No. 3, the only person born in the 1970s, Ok-soon from the 9th class said to Ok-soon from the 11th class, “If I were to go on a blind date with someone born in 1979, I would have turned it down.” I confessed my true feelings. Afterwards, Ok-sun of the 9th class went on a date for a night out, and after mentioning that she had an argument with Man No. 2 earlier in the evening, she asked, “Why did you choose me?””Didn’t that seem too aggressive?” she asked. Male No. 3 said, “I also have a strong speaking tone, so I got a lot of misunderstandings like, “Why are you trying to fight like this?” (9th class Ok-soon) She gave a model answer, saying, “As long as I don’t misunderstand, it’s okay.”

After confirming the unexpected tiki-taka, 9th class Ok-soon said, “I told Male No. 3 earlier, 39; “Why are you drinking beer alone?” he said, belatedly apologizing for his harsh tone. However, Man No. 3 said, “I like it because you talk to me?” She showed off her eloquence by saying, “It would be lonely if I just forgot about it alone.” Furthermore, Male No. 3 asked about blood type instead of MBTI, and said it was propaganda instead of advertisement, so she was criticized by Ok-sun of Class 9 as an old man, but she gave a big smile. Next, the two people were surprised to see that they had something in common: they lack dexterity, eat with their left hand, and write with their right hand.

Even No. 3 said, “I only get soju when I drink with people I like.”However, he made a heart-warming comment saying, “I’m having a bit of a drink today,” and received rave reviews from Defconn, saying, “You’re flying around a lot.” After finishing their late-night snack, the two walked on the beach, and at this time, Man No. 3 said, “Wouldn’t it be memorable if you set off firecrackers once?” “Can I buy firecrackers?” he asked, hinting at the next date. Man No. 3, who finished a satisfactory date with the 9th generation Oksun, confessed that he was in love with the 9th generation Oksun’s charm, saying, “Should I say she has an overwhelming charm?”Man No. 3, who returned, praised Oksun from the 9th class, saying, “A very attractive woman,” and Oksun from the 9th class also responded, “I was surprised that she spoke better than I expected.” However, in the 9th class, Ok-sun said, “I want to talk to men No. 1 and 4, too.”Ok-sun, a member of the 9th group, was so excited that she turned on S.E.S.’s ‘Love, and danced in the yard of the dormitory. Man No. 3, who was lying in the room, asked Ok-sun of the 9th group, “Shall we go out now?”The song responded to the magic. Number 3 even shook his body vigorously to the dance lessons of class 9 Oksoon.In the heated atmosphere, everyone sat around the dorm room and continued the conversation. Here, Ok-sun of the 14th class asked Male No. 1, “You said Choi Min-soo was your role model, but why?”She asked. Male No. 1 said, “It’s nice to see you living a family life.” He answered, “The reason he is a role model is because he is nice to his wife, even though it is different from what it seems.”11th Ok-sun laughed, saying, “I’m a manly person outside, but at home, I feel like I’m being held captive (by her wife)?”and Man No. 1 emphasized again, “That’s cool.”Even when asked, “What would you do if your girlfriend told you to shave off your beard and cut off her perm?”, Man No. 1 revealed his gentle side by saying, “I will follow everyone.”All of the 7th, 11th, and 14th Oksuns showed interest in Male No. 1’s unexpected charm, and Male No. 1 quickly emerged as a new popular man in solo guesthouses.Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter kkk39@tenasia. com

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