’15 billion debt’ Lim Chae-moo sells two apartments to build Duri Land “Grandson’s part-time job” (‘Baekban Journey’)[SC Review]


[Sports Chosun.com Reporter Lee Woo-joo] ‘Baekban Travel’ Lim Chae-mu visited his amusement park with his grandchildren.

Actor Lim Chae-moo appeared on TV Chosun’s ‘Gourmet Heo Young-man’s Baekban Travels’, which aired on the 19th.

Lim Chae-mu and Heo Young-man each brought their grandchildren to spend the winter vacation with them. Lim Chae-moo’s maternal grandson is said to be an employee of Duri Land, an amusement park built by Lim Chae-moo. Lim Chae-mu said, “My house is a playground, so I come here all the time.” I come in the morning and guide and do everything. “He is very sociable, so he makes a lot of friends,” he said. Accordingly, her grandson, Ji Won-gun, said, “Starting yesterday, I helped my mother 24 hours a day,”and said that he started working in earnest during her vacation.

Lim Chae-mu was the ‘original F4’ following Han Jin-hee, Noh Joo-hyun, and Lee Deok-hwa. In response, Lim Chae-mu said, “They forced me into the fourth position because I couldn’t get F4,” and added, “That’s why I feel embarrassed when they say things like that.” He showed humility by saying, “I never thought of myself as handsome or good-looking, but I became that way because people saw me that way.”


Lim Chae-moo also had his own acting philosophy. Lim Chae-moo, who has worked on many melodramatic works, said, “I only did one work a year. He did not produce prolific works in order to remain in the viewers’ memories for a long time. He honestly said, “That’s how I earned my money to build the amusement park.”

In 1989, Lim Chae-moo saw that there were no children’s facilities at the Jangheung National Tourist Site near Seoul, so he sold two apartments in Yeouido to create Duri Land, an amusement park. It is known to run the business for the benefit of children while incurring a whopping 15 billion won in debt.

Lim Chae-mu and Heo Young-man’s grandchildren having fun riding the rides at Duri Land. Afterwards, Lim Chae-mu took Heo Young-man and his grandchildren to his regular house. It’s a regular place that Lim Chae-moo and his grandson visit every time they celebrate their birthdays. The grandchildren, who enjoyed the Argentinian-style grilled beef ribs, each revealed their wishes for this year. Lim Chae-mu’s grandson said, “I want to go on three overseas trips this year.” “I want to go with his grandfather,” he said, making Lim Chae-mu proud.


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