Lee Hyo-ri, 20-year-old Fin.K.L., summons “Dream? Having a boyfriend” (Red Carpet)

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Photo = KBS 2TV The Seasons - Lee Hyori's red carpet
Photo = KBS 2TV The Seasons – Lee Hyori’s red carpet

Singer Lee Hyo-ri was lost in memories after seeing what she looked like when she was 20.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘The Seasons – Lee Hyo-ri’s Red Carpet’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Red Carpet’) broadcast on the 19th, singer Han Young-ae appeared on the stage and talked about various things with Lee Hyo-ri. shared.

On this day, Hyori Lee said, “I have never been this happy wearing in-ears. She said, “I’m happy because I can hear the teacher’s voice and even his breathing.”She said many times here and there that she was a fan of her senior, but she never had a chance to meet him up close. She expressed her fan feelings by saying, “I am grateful to the production team for allowing me to meet you like this today.”

He continued, “The first time I met my senior was on a program called ‘Lee So-ra’s Proposal.’ “I appeared during Fin.K.L., and my senior also appeared,” and the appearance of 20-year-old Lee Hyo-ri at the time of Fin.K.L. activities was revealed. At that time, Hyori Lee said about her dream, “To have a boyfriend,”and seeing this, Hyori Lee said that many of her dreams have come true. She made everyone laugh by saying, “I was sweating a lot because I was nervous at that time.”

In particular, Lee Hyo-ri, who saw Han Young-ae’s hand, asked, “Did you draw this?”and Han Young-ae said, “I like drawing on that body.””But she was a theater person, so she did it timidly,” she said. Lee Hyori added, “I like it too.”

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