“Golden SEXY Explosion” Amid conflict with Park Jin-young vs. Shin Hyo-beom, the first performance of the new song ‘great success’ [Yesterday TV]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] The second new song was released for the first time by ‘Golden Girls’, and from the recording site to the first live performance in Daejeon, it was a great success.

The second new song was revealed for the first time on the KBS2TV entertainment ‘Golden Girls’, which aired on the 19th.

On this day, Golden Girls’ ‘THE MOMENT’ The stage unfolded. “I was curious about what the love between sisters would look like, a jazz swing song that depicts the magical moment when love blooms,” he said.

At the same time, a behind-the-scenes recording showing traces of effort was revealed, and the members looked to see if Jinyoung Park was in the recording studio, and Jinyoung Park turned off the lights in the recording studio, creating an atmosphere where the members could focus on singing. She then explained the song, and thanks to this, her members became immersed in the song.


First, Insooni took on the challenge, and Park Jin-young was satisfied and 100% immersed in the song, saying, “It’s so good. It’s the sexiest song my sister has sung.” Insooni was happy and said, “I was praised.” Next was Eunmi Lee’s challenge. She also checked the sound herself and she did it perfectly. Park Jin-young even said that she scored “100 points.” As soon as she started, she asked to finish the recording, and then she said, “Let’s do it two more times, something better can come out,”and Eunmi Lee said, “I’ve never finished it in one go.”passed easily.

Shin Hyo-beom then recorded it. Shin Hyo-beom also sang with great emotion, but Park Jin-young said, “It’s a big deal because it doesn’t seem like a real situation, because it’s so calm.”They said they should express their excitement at the part where they just started kissing, but Shin Hyo-beom showed a different level of excitement with his calm reaction.


Park Jin-young said, “It doesn’t feel like a real situation. I feel like I’m Shin Hyo-beom, a singer, not a woman,”and directed, “There should be embarrassment, surprise, and excitement.””I,” he countered. Shin Hyo-beom then said, “It’s hot,”and took off her outer clothing while recording, showing off her enthusiasm.

In response, Park Jin-young expressed his opinion again, saying, “When people change, everything becomes new,” and Shin Hyo-beom again caught his emotions and sang as Park Jin-young requested. After several attempts, Park Jin-young shouted, “This is it.” Shin Hyo-beom was also relieved and said, “Thank you.” It turned out that the recording took an hour and a half. Shin Hyo-beom made the waiting members laugh by saying, “I’m sorry, it’s not my fault, it’s Park Jin-young’s fault.”


The last runner, Park Mi-kyung, entered the recording studio feeling restless. Park Mi-kyung said she was nervous and said, “It’s difficult,”but she passed the first verse in one go. Park Jin-young was thrilled and said, “I thought I would stay up all night, but it’s so good,”and Park Mi-kyung said with relief, “Is it a dream or is it real?”and completed the recording.

The Golden Girls were then shown advancing to the national level. Park Jin-young brought something of hers like a treasure trove. It turns out that the interview she did in Japan was featured on the front page of the book. The members said, “I’m glad it wasn’t an accident,” and while looking at Park Jin-young’s photo, they laughed and said, “The montage looks like an accident.” Park Ji-young translated the Japanese article and expressed pride, saying, “It contains a fighting message that it is not too late, and she is so grateful.”In response, the members shouted, “Let’s go global,” and Park Jin-young said, “We have to go local before going global.”


The members headed to Daejeon like that. After the stage, the members said, “With you ‘Golden Girls’ “I was happy with the schedule. I will not forget today’s emotions for a long time,” he said. Park Jin-young cheered, saying, “This is Golden Girls SEXY, showing true mature sexiness,” and “It’s sexiness like fine wine.”

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