“5 years of reporting”… Jo Jin-woong

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Photo = Provided by Content Wave

The world of Mr. Baji, which you have never heard of, visits theaters during the Lunar New Year holiday.

The production briefing session for the movie ‘Deadman’ was held at Megabox Seongsu, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 19th. At the scene

Director Ha Jun-won and actors Cho Jin-woong, Kim Hee-ae, and Lee Soo-kyung attended.

‘Deadman’ is the debut film of director Ha Jun-won, who co-wrote the screenplay for director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘The Host’, and attracted attention for its casting including Cho Jin-woong, Kim Hee-ae, and Lee Soo-kyung. Director Ha Jun-won said, “Shouldn’t people live with responsibility for their name? However, he became aware of the problem when he saw people taking up positions in the name of their representatives instead of taking responsibility in their own name. “I thought it would be worth covering in a story,” he said.

He added, “President Baji is a familiar word, but since it is a subject that we have not seen many times in movies, I thought it would be harmonious when combined with the theme of name value, so I chose the subject of Boss Baji.”

He said, “It was more difficult to cover the story than I thought. There were no cases where the person wanted to reveal his or her identity, and it was difficult to cover the name transaction. He also confessed, “I approached the crime thinking it was a real case, but it was dangerous reporting,” and “It took five years as the reporting took longer.”

Photo = Provided by Content Wave
Photo = Provided by Content Wave

Cho Jin-woong played the role of Lee Man-jae, a man who went from being an ace in the business world to becoming a ‘dead man’ after being falsely accused. Cho Jin-woong said, “I felt it was a well-made story. “Director Ha Jun-won conducted thorough research for five years before making ‘Deadman,’” he said. “If you look closely at the thread, there is a warning that you should not touch dark places. There is a lot of detail incorporated into the scenario. He praised, “They did a great job explaining the categories with characters.”

He continued, “(Lee Man-jae’s) situation is changing rapidly. So I thought I would throw myself 100% into that situation. “I wanted to expose the various emotions, including the fear I felt at that time, in a raw way,” he said. “I was also quite excited. I thought I was really happy when I was acting because the makeup and art team helped me. “It was exciting and fun to express rapidly changing emotions,” he added.

Photo = Provided by Content Wave
Photo = Provided by Content Wave

Kim Hee-ae attempted to transform her image by playing the role of Mrs. Shim, the best consultant in politics. Kim Hee-ae said, “(She played the role of Mrs. Shim) was a person I had never heard of before. “She is the person who brings back to the world Lee Man-jae, who was falsely accused of embezzling 100 billion won,” she said. “Every actor would covet this role.”

She continued, “I have a variety of charms, so I needed an external transformation. She made the art, makeup, and hair team look nothing like me. “She was happy to look different,” she said, expressing her satisfaction.

Director Ha Jun-won attracted attention by saying that he rewrote the scenario for the role of Mrs. Shim from scratch to cast Kim Hee-ae. Director Ha Jun-won said, “It was after the drama ‘The World of the Married’ that I gave Kim Hee-ae the script. “I thought there would be a lot of job offers pouring in, but I felt like I would regret it if I didn’t give it to them,” he said. “I rewrote the role of Mrs. Shim from beginning to end and gave them the script, and I remember that they responded quickly,” he said.

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Photo = Provided by Content Wave

Lee Soo-kyung said, “(The role of Gong Hee-joo) is persistent and hot. “When I looked at the scenario, Gong Hee-joo, who had been pursuing that goal from the beginning and middle, met Lee Man-jae and her personality changed, and that was fascinating,” he said. “I also watched with interest the people protesting for the role of Gong Hee-joo, and looked into how YouTubers run their channels. “I played a character,” he said.

Director Ha Jun-won said, “From the director’s perspective, he is a very attractive actor. He praised, “He has played a lot of bold roles, but behind them, he is an actor who is good at acting with deep inner feelings.”

The acting chemistry of Cho Jin-woong, Kim Hee-ae, and Lee Soo-kyung also raised expectations. Cho Jin-woong said, “It was such an honor and pleasure to act with Kim Hee-ae and Lee Soo-kyung. “It feels like I’m working with an energetic actor rather than an actress,” he said. “Cheongildot seems like a very inappropriate word.” He joked, “I wish people who had eaten meat would brag about it by saying that they ate it.”

Meanwhile, ‘Dead Man’ is a story about a so-called business ace who makes money by living up to his name, but after being falsely accused of embezzling 100 billion won and living as a dead person, he tries to get back the life that was stolen from him by the people he was tied to with just one name. It is a work that depicts the story of a chase. It will be released on the 7th of next month.

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