CNBLUE to hold tour in March… Aiming at global fans

Photo = FNC Entertainment
Photo = FNC Entertainment

[News Reporter Hwang Hye-jin]

The band CNBLUE (Jung Yonghwa, Kang Minhyuk, and Lee Shinshin) will hold an Asian tour.

According to the agency FNC Entertainment on January 19, CNBLUE started in Hong Kong on March 16, Bangkok on March 23, Kaohsiung on April 6, Macau on April 13, Kuala Lumpur on April 20, and Singapore on April 27. Asia Tour 2024 CNBLUE LIVE ‘CNBLUENTITY’ IN ASIA will be held in a total of 6 regions and meet with fans.

The tour title ‘CNBLUENTITY’ is a combination of CNBLUE and IDENTITY, and refers to a performance that embodies CNBLUE’s identity. CNBLUE plans to show a wide musical spectrum, from light pop to hard rock, and will captivate global fans with songs that have been loved so far and a colorful and energetic band sound.

This performance is CNBLUE’s first Asian tour in about 7 years since the ‘2017 CNBLUE LIVE BETWEEN US’ Asia tour held in 2017. CNBLUE attracted attention by delivering extraordinary fan service and emotion at the ‘CNBLUENTITY’ Seoul performance in October last year, so expectations are high for this tour as well.

Detailed information about CNBLUE Asia Tour ‘CNBLUENTITY’ can be found through FNC Entertainment’s official website and official channels.

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