82MAJOR, debuts first solo concert today (20th) ’82 PEOPLE’ Hold


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] Group 82MAJOR will hold its first solo concert today (20th) and meet fans.

82MAJOR (82MAJOR, Nam Seong-mo, Park Seok-jun, Yoon Ye-chan, Jo Seong-il, Hwang Seong-bin, Kim Do-gyun) will hold its first solo concert ’82 PEOPLE’ at Musinsa Garage at 7pm on the 20th.

This performance is a solo concert held by 82MAJOR, who took their first steps into the music industry in October of last year, three months after their debut, and is attracting so much attention that tickets were sold out not long after reservations began. The members are determined to fill 90 minutes with high-quality stages that live up to the representative description of ‘performance-type idols’.

82MAJOR is preparing a variety of performances that can only be seen at ’82 PEOPLE’ In addition to the debut songs ‘FIRST CLASS’ and ‘Sure Thing’, the members’ self-composed songs, songs previously released on SoundCloud, and unreleased self-composed songs will be performed on stage. Is expected.


In addition, in this concert, the 6 members will be divided into new teams into the ‘Little Brother Team’ and the ‘Beast Team’ and will perform a special sequence. Fans’ curiosity is growing further as some cue sheets hinting at this were recently uploaded through 82MAJOR’s official SNS.

Also, 82MAJOR is ‘ Like a powerhouse, they raised expectations for the concert by releasing a video expressing the name of the concert with their body, a picture drawn by each member, and a short-form video announcing the D-Day of the concert on social media.

82MAJOR, which appeared like a comet in the music industry with its debut album ‘ON’ in October last year, is a combination of Korea’s country code ’82’ and the ambition to become a ‘major’ representing Korea. The team name attracted attention. In particular, he made a strong impression with his solid skills, superior physique, and attractive visuals, which are not typical of rookies, and recently held the ‘2023 Genie Music Festival’, ‘2023 Seoulcon They went on stage and performed a high-quality performance.


[Photo] Provided by Great M Entertainment

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