9th class Oksoon “I thought male number 3 was an old man… I can see you again” (Nasol Four Seasons)[Comprehensive]


(Xports News Reporter Kim Soo-ah) 9th class Ok-sun developed a crush on Man No. 3, who had a good time despite her worries.

In ENA, SBS Plus ‘I am SOLO, and love continues’ (hereinafter ‘Nasol Sagye’) broadcast on the 18th, the date between Man No. 3 and 9th generation Ok-sun was revealed. done.

9th Oksun asked Male No. 3 the reason for his choice. Male No. 3 explained the reason by saying, “You speak too clearly.” Then she said, “Really?” “Wasn’t that too aggressive?” she said, amazed.

In the last broadcast, 9th class Ok-sun strongly refuted the men’s comments, and male number 4 was even called a ssamdak. Male No. 3 sympathized with Ok-soon’s reaction, saying, “I also get a lot of misunderstandings because I have a strong speaking style.”


In the following interview, Oksun of the 9th class said, “The reason they chose me was exactly the answer I wanted to hear. This is because most men are not capable of containing you. He understood all of these points and spoke. “I was so surprised and I saw it again,” she confessed honestly.

During the conversation, 9th class member Ok-sun honestly said to male number 3, “For someone so old, you don’t seem to have an old-fashioned mindset.” In response, Male No. 9 continued, “I’m a bit immature to the point where I have to have the mindset of an old man.”

Previously, at the time of selection, Ok-soon, a member of the 9th class, was worried about the age difference with the male number 3, who was born in 1979. In the ensuing conversation, the two found something in common, and at the words of Man No. 3, Oksun from the 9th class burst out laughing, continuing her good mood.


When Man No. 3 left the alcohol, Oksun of the 9th group jeered, saying, “Why are you leaving it out?” and Man No. 3 explained, “I only drink soju when I’m with good people or when I’m served alcohol.” Then he said, “But I get some today.” He also flirted, saying, “I’m with a good person.”

After seeing this scene, the studio’s Kyungri exclaimed, “Isn’t that a great comment?”and Defconn exclaimed, “You guys are flying around.”

In an interview, Oksun of the 9th class said, “Older people have one-sided empathy when they are with younger people, but instead of that kind of empathy, I felt empathy that felt like a real conversation.” She was satisfied and said, “The date was a lot more fun than I expected.”

Photo = SBS Plus broadcast screen

Reporter Suah Kim sakim4242@xportsnews.com

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