Ahn Bo-hyun “I’ve never heard you say you’re handsome… Married? “I don’t want to do it now.” (Life 84)


[TV Report = Reporter Ha So-na] When asked about marriage, actor Ahn Bo-hyun confessed that he has no desire to get married yet.

On the 19th, a video titled ‘Ahn Bo-hyun’s drinking review’ was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Life 84′. The video shows Ahn Bo-hyun and Lee Si-eon appearing as guests and having a talk with Kian84.

Lee Si-eon said of Ahn Bo-hyun, “He is a truly delicate friend. We went to Australia for filming together and I did everything from cooking to cleaning to laundry and washing dishes. He praised her by saying, “You’re really, really good at cooking.” Kian84 also said, “I came to our gym and they were sparring and it was so beautiful. “It was like a butterfly,” he said.

The production team asked about Ahn Bo-hyun’s shortcomings, and Lee Si-eon made people laugh by saying, “Kids who are good at fighting don’t have any shortcomings.”Kian84, who said he should talk about his shortcomings, also said, “Bohyun is good at everything. He expressed his affection by saying, “He’s handsome, physically good, and good at sports.”

In response to Ahn Bo-hyun’s remark, “I’ve never heard him say he’s handsome,”Kian84 said, “He’s not the handsome boy style.””But it looks a bit cool to men,” he said. “I don’t know if the trend has changed. “These days, we have to go for something a little more macho,” he emphasized. At the same time, he mentioned an example of a handsome man trend that changed to “Dex, me,” making Lee Si-eon and Ahn Bo-hyun burst into laughter. Lee Si-eon said, “Dex and you? He threw a fastball, saying, “I have to return the grand prize,” and Ahn Bo-hyun praised Kian84’s appearance, saying, “I think you did a great job cutting Kian84’s hair.” Lee Si-eon said, “I knew Bohyeon’s shortcomings. “I only tell good stories,” he said with a laugh.

Kian84 then mentioned Ahn Bo-hyun’s lifestyle, saying, “If I were Ahn Bo-hyun, there are a lot of things I would enjoy, but I don’t enjoy them,”and Lee Si-eon added, “I’m not that kind of friend to begin with.”Ahn Bo-hyun said, “It’s not like I have to be careful so I shouldn’t meet people, but is it time for me to go out and have fun? “I do this by going to the gym or using that as an excuse to ride a motorcycle,” he confessed.

Also, when a question about marriage came up, Ahn Bo-hyun said, “I don’t want to do it now,” and Kian84 also pointed out, “Marriage is not easy.” Ahn Bo-hyun confessed, “But when I see people like Si-eon who are living so harmoniously and well, it makes me want to get married again.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Bo-hyun returns to the Disney Plus original series ‘Chaebol A childish 3rd generation tycoon becomes a detective in the violent crime team and shows ‘money for money, back for a back’ This work depicts the FLEX investigation and will be released on the 26th.

Reporter Ha Ha-na mongz@tvreport.co.kr / Photo = ‘Life 84’ video capture

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