Former idol “I was sexually harassed by the industry’s #1 person… I washed myself until I bled.” [Look@Japan]


[TV Report = Reporter Jeon Young-eun] Mai Endo (35), a former member of a Japanese girl group and currently working as a vocal coach, revealed that she was a victim of sexual harassment.

According to foreign media ‘ET Today’ on the 19th (today), Mai Endo, former leader of the girl group ‘IDOLING!!!’ and currently working as a vocal coach, was a victim of sexual assault. was shocked by the revelation.

Mai Endo said that when she was working as an idol, she was invited by an acquaintance to attend a gathering, and on her way out to go home, she was pushed into a taxi by the acquaintance.

She knew everyone present at the time, so she didn’t resist or refuse and got into a taxi, and inside was one of the most famous people in the industry. The celebrity in question was drunk and she forcibly touched Endomai’s body, saying, “Do you know how much I like you?”Startled, she hurriedly got out of her car, refusing his request to take her there.

After the incident, a startled Mai Endo called her boyfriend, crying, but he instead blamed her. In the end, in order to avoid making the situation any worse, he declared to his manager that he would not have any relationship with powerful men in the industry from now on.

Recalling that time, she said, “I wasn’t sexually assaulted, but after being molested, I took a long hot bath and washed my body to the point where it bled.””If she was sexually assaulted, she would immediately report it to the police and obtain evidence,” she emphasized.

Mai Endo continued, “When I was harmed, accusations like ‘MeToo’ were not as common as they are now, but in the recent climate, I am now able to talk about this. I know that one’s voice can easily be broken by power or pressure. A person I know reported it and was forced to leave the company. However, as the saying goes, “There is nothing to be afraid of when everyone crosses the red light together,” the victim said, “I gained courage after seeing someone else report something, so now I can finally raise my voice.” sent solidarity and encouragement to

Meanwhile, Hitoshi Matsumoto (60) is completely denying the allegations of sexual assault in the entertainment industry that have recently surfaced in the Japanese entertainment industry, and expressed his position by the Japanese media ‘Weekly Bunshun’ saying he is confident in the report. did.

Due to this incident, Hitoshi Matsumoto decided to stop appearing altogether and the recording of the seven programs he hosted was stopped, causing a huge blow to the Japanese entertainment industry.

Reporter Jeon Young-eun / Photo = Endo My Social Media

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