Key “‘Nolto’, the pro who recognized me…I will remain even if the viewer rating is 0.1%”[Hwon’s club]

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Key Hyeri / Photo = YouTube Channel Hyeri
Key Hyeri / Photo = YouTube Channel Hyeri

Group SHINee’s Key expressed his love for ‘Amazing Saturday’.

On the 19th, on YouTube channel ‘Hyeri”Hyeon’s Club’, there was a video titled ‘Key oppa who really came to make fun of me’ This was revealed.

On this day, Key chose Renjun, Seo Beom-jun, Ten Chenle, and BamBam as his younger brother’s best 5, saying, “The kids were upset because of that, saying, ‘I’m in fourth place?’”Hyeri said, “”It’s because the kids like their older brother,” he said.

In response, Key said, “I felt really lonely around this time. I had no contact with the second generation, and couldn’t even say hello to them due to COVID-19. As that is resolved, I am free to do challenges and meet people, so I feel happy to see the kids again when I go to music shows.” It’s been 15 years since debut. It’s also difficult to give advice. Even if I tried to say something, I thought, “What if they think I’m an old guy?”

Hyeri asked her to choose her top 5 younger sisters, and Key said, “I don’t have many younger sisters. “My (close) older sister is Taeyeon, and her same age is owned by her,”she searched for “oppa”in the chat window, and said, “there are only Hyeri and Yeri.”.

In addition, Hyeri reflected fans’ questions and asked, “Have you ever been really angry while filming ‘Amazing Saturday’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Nolto’),”and Key said, “I’ve been really angry.””I felt like I was the only one who was strange inside,” he answered. In response, she said, “When Hyeri said, ‘I got really angry to my heart’s content.’”

In response, Key said “‘Nolto’ “If the production crew hadn’t protected us, none of us would be able to broadcast right now,” he said. “And now a lot has been resolved, but the recording studio is really hot.” “If you record twice, when you go to record in the afternoon, you get irritated by small things, and you become more competitive than you think,” he said.

Meanwhile, ‘Nolto vs. I live alone’ Regarding the question, “‘Nolto’ is a program where I am very grateful that PD Lee Tae-kyung recognized me. Even if the viewer rating is 0.1%, it will be there until the end. “But there is no producer Lee Tae-kyung,” he said. “But what put me on a more major level is, “I live alone.” “I love each other differently, and I don’t do more than two programs,” he said.

Reporter Kim Na-yeon

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