Ahn Bo-hyun, ranked 2nd in fighting recognized by Kian84! “29-year-old dream=marriage, gone over water” (‘Life 84’) [Oh! Strong Point]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Ye-sol] Kian84 started a drinking review with Ahn Bo-hyun and Lee Si-eon.

On the 19th, on the YouTube channel ‘Life 84’, ‘Ahn Bo-hyun’s drinking review’ While the title video was released, Kian84 met with actors Ahn Bo-hyun and Lee Si-eon and talked about various things.

On this day, Kian84 introduced Ahn Bo-hyun and Lee Si-eon, saying, “We have invited an incredible guest.” Kian84 was the first to hand the Kian Awards award to Ahn Bo-hyun. Ahn Bo-hyun said, “This is my first time receiving the Grand Prize. He expressed his gratitude by saying, “If only you would call me in the future.”


Kian 84 said, “You can’t make fun of a good boy because he’s good at fighting,”and while talking to Ahn Bo-hyun, all he could say was that he was good-looking and kind, and he regretted not being able to make fun of him, making him laugh. Lee Si-eon said, “Actually, the three of us are very close, but I think it’s more awkward because we’re with close friends.”

Kian84 looked at Ahn Bo-hyun and said, “This friend came from Busan.” If you start a fight, you will die. “This guy is in the top 2 celebrity fights I know,” he said. Lee Si-eon asked, “Who is in first place?” and Kian84 chose actor Seong-hoon.


Kian84 made people laugh by saying, “I think it would be interesting to see a fight between Seonghoon and Bohyun.” Ahn Bo-hyun said he spent his school days as a boxer. Ahn Bo-hyun said, “There was a boxing club at school. “Because you’re tall,” he said. Ahn Bo-hyun said that he was active as a boxer and then tried to become a professional soldier.

Ahn Bo-hyun said, “My relatives sent me to a model camp. There I met Kim Woo-bin. She said, “Woobin was 18 and I was 19.” Lee Si-eon said, “There was a picture of Woobin and Bohyeon going around. “It was a picture of her with a shaved head and she thought it was really cool,” she said, drawing attention.


Lee Si-eon said, “We went to Australia together, and I really did all the cleaning, cooking, and laundry. “He’s really good at cooking too,” he praised. Kian84 said, “Bohyun came to the zombie gym and he was really good. “It was like a butterfly,” he exclaimed. Ahn Bo-hyun looked at Kian 84 and praised him, saying, “My brother cut his hair really well.”

Kian84 said, “How about making money?” “Honestly, I don’t think I have anything to write to you,” he said. Ahn Bo-hyun said, “When I filmed a lot of dramas, they said I spent 580,000 won. “All I did was spend 500,000 won on chicken breast,” he said, drawing laughter.


Ahn Bo-hyun said, “The first thing is family. The second is work. It’s really fun. When will I try to become a doctor? “It’s so fun to be able to pursue a career that I couldn’t choose as a dream through acting,” he said. Ahn Bo-hyun continued, “When she was young, I thought she would get married when she was 29, but she passed away. It was once my dream to become a father who was not chased by money. He attracted attention by saying, “I don’t want to get married now.”
[Photo: YouTube channel ‘Life84’]

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