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Photo = Provided by MBC ‘Born Around the World’ Season 3
Photo = Provided by MBC ‘Born Around the World’ Season 3

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MBC’s ‘Born Around the World’ was popular overseas.

The ‘Asian Television Awards (ATA)’, which celebrates its 28th anniversary, is an international award for programs in the Asia/Pacific region established in 1996, and is called Asia’s ‘Emmy Awards’. About 60 judges from around the world will judge works in various categories in over 59 categories, and various broadcasters and content companies from the Asia Pacific region will participate.

‘Around the World 2′ won the award in the ‘Best General Entertainment Program’ category. With ‘Around the World 3’ sweeping the ‘MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards’ last year and breaking its own highest viewer ratings every week, including the previous season, showing unprecedented progress, expectations are high on what kind of records it will write in the future.

Meanwhile, MBC’s ‘Around the World Season 3’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Around the World 3’), which will be aired on January 21st, will feature the journey of the complete ‘Madagascar brothers’ Kian 84, Pani Bottle, Dex, and Lee Si-eon. This is revealed.

The changed chemistry between Kian84 and Lee Si-eon, who traveled together in South America in ‘Around the World Season 1′, is expected to attract attention. In the market scene that brings back memories of South America, Kian 84 expresses a special feeling to Lee Si-eon, who is standing next to her, saying, “I suddenly feel like I have returned to the past.”

Lee Si-eon is surprised to see Kian84, who has become a ‘Madagascar senior’. Seeing Kian84 actively trying to communicate with locals while shopping at the market, Lee Si-eon expressed his heart with satisfaction, saying, “Now I really don’t have any problems traveling alone.”

Also, the chemistry between the eldest brother Lee Si-eon and the youngest Dex, who are similar in taste and taste, also brings laughter. The two people, who quickly understand each other’s tastes and take care of each other first even without saying anything, are said to show fantastic chemistry even in impromptu situation dramas, raising expectations. Broadcast at 9:10 pm on the 21st.

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