‘Campus Addict’ Kian84, ‘Seoul National University, Madagascar’ GO! [Around the Planet 3]

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Kian84 finds romance at ‘Seoul National University in Madagascar’

In the 8th episode of MBC’s ‘Around the World Season 3’ (directed by Kim Ji-woo, hereinafter ‘Around the World 3′), which will be aired on the 21st, Kian 84, Pani Bottle, Dex, and Lee Si-eon will appear 39;Seoul National University in Madagascar’ The appearance of the expedition is revealed.

Kian 84 is the leader in the ‘Circumstances of the Planet’ in South America and India. During the journey, I expressed my curiosity about the culture of the local university and the lives of students. While preparing for this trip to Madagascar, I placed a visit to a local university on my bucket list. With the help of ‘Mada MZ’ who met Dex on the bus, they head to the University of Antananarivo in Madagascar.

‘Antananarivo University’ is a prestigious university attended by the best elites, and the ‘Sejong Institute’, which teaches Korean and spreads Korean culture, was established here and many students are taking Korean language classes. The students with ‘Mada Sa Brothers’ also surprise everyone with their fluent Korean skills.

The ‘Madasa brothers’ enjoy the romance of youth by walking around campus and visiting the library. Kian84 is happy that his dream has come true and says ‘MadaMZ’ Questions are constantly asked of students. What kind of stories will they share and what memories will they make at the local university in ‘Around the World 3’, which will be broadcast on the 21st? Expectations are high for this broadcast.

Reporter Han Hae-seon hhs422@mtstarnews.com

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