‘Complaint of adultery’ Kang Kyung-jun, will he attempt to reach a settlement with the plaintiff…already appointed a lawyer [Comprehensive]


[Sports Chosun.com Reporter Jeong An-ji] It has been claimed that actor Kang Kyung-joon, who was sued for compensation for sexual intercourse, may attempt to reach a settlement with the plaintiff.

On the 19th, the Sunday Newspaper reported that Kang Kyung-jun did not file a notice with the court even after hiring a lawyer, so there is a possibility that he will attempt to reach an agreement with the plaintiff rather than prepare for trial.

According to the media, Kang Kyung-jun has already appointed a lawyer. Nevertheless, he analyzed that the reason why he did not submit a notice to the court was because it was a civil case, not a criminal case, so he was trying to reach an agreement with the plaintiff through a lawyer rather than preparing for a trial.

On December 26 last year, Kang Kyung-jun was accused of incest and was sued for damages worth 50 million won.

The husband of the accuser, Mr. A, said in the complaint, “Kang Kyung-jun intervened in a family as an incestuous man and virtually destroyed the family,” and “(Kang Kyung-jun) committed misconduct even though he knew that Mr. A was a married woman.” claimed. It is reported that evidence to prove this was also submitted.

In response, his former agency, K-Star Global ENT, stated that “there is a possibility of misunderstanding,” but this newspaper exclusively reported that Kang Kyung-jun said, “I want to hug you,” and “I love you,” with Mr. A. When private conversations such as these were made public, the company drew a line, saying, “Because it is related to the actor’s personal life, the company has nothing to respond to.”

Since then, Kang Kyung-jun closed his SNS and remains silent. Mr. A is also known to have been absent from the sales agency where he worked without notice after this fact became known, and since he had not received any communication from the company, the company sent him a preliminary notice of dismissal.


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