“Don’t show your heart”..’Third marriage’ Park Young-woon feels a ‘strange attraction’ to Oh Seung-ah [Byulbyeol TV]

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/Photo = MBC 'Third marriage' Broadcast screen capture
/Photo = MBC ‘Third marriage’ Broadcast screen capture

‘Third marriage’ Actor Park Young-woon felt a strange attraction to Oh Seung-ah.

In the MBC daily drama ‘Third Marriage’, which aired on the 19th, Wang Ji-hoon (played by Park Young-woon) and Jeong Da-jeong (played by Oh Seung-ah) met each other at the hospital.

As soon as Wang Ji-hoon discovered Jeong Da-jeong that day, he became angry. Wang Ji-hoon later told Jeong Da-jeong, “It was fate that we met like this,”and during the wedding photo shoot, “What can I say, the atmosphere was very strange.””It’s my first time seeing such an atmosphere,” he confessed.

He continued, “I will take you wherever you go.” “I will take you by car,” he added, showing his goodwill. Embarrassed, Jeong Da-jeong hurriedly left, and Wang Ji-hoon, who was left alone, said, “It’s strange. He is strangely attractive. What. Why are you so nervous? He grabbed his heart and said, “Don’t show me your heart.”

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