[Comprehensive] ‘300 million protagonist’is Hong Isak… ‘Singer Gain 3’ Jaebeom Lim also said, “You did a great job.”

[Ten Asia = Reporter Tae Yuna]

'Singer Gain 3' /Photo provided by JTBC
‘Singer Gain 3’ /Photo provided by JTBC

‘Singer Gain Season 3 – Unknown Singer Competition’ concluded with Hong Lee-sak’s victory.

JTBC ran for about 10 months from the first preliminary hearing to the long-awaited final. ‘Singer Gain Season 3 – Unknown Singer Exhibition’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Singer Gain 3’) ended on the 18th. The final winner was Hong Isak, with Soo Soo-bin in second place and EJel in third place. The viewership rating on this day was 7.6% based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area and 7.3% among paid households nationwide. The target audience rating for men and women in the 2049 metropolitan area was 2.7%, ranking first among all broadcasts on Thursday.

In the last episode, the second round of the finals, a free song round, was held. First, Seung-yeop Choo earned 781 points from the judges by showing off his genre and charm with ‘Always By My Side’. Leejean, who selected ‘To You’, captivated ears by conveying emotion to the melody and earned 745 points.

Enjoying the stage to the fullest with ‘To Become One Page’, she showed off her energy. Ezel, who spread the word, received 773 points, and Kang Seong-hee, who moved the viewers to tears by singing ‘Fly’ passionately, received 765 points. Next, Soobin Soo’s ‘One More Time’ made the judges, audience, and viewers fall in love with the song. Soo-bin Soo surprised everyone by immediately taking first place with 787 points amidst rave reviews from the judges.

Shin Hae-sol showed off her skills with ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter’ with her dancers. Showed off. She received rave reviews from Lim Jae-beom for her three-line poem, ‘God gave only Haesol a soul’, and Shin Haesol scored 769 points. The last runner, Lee Isaac Hong, came on stage with ‘Song of the Wind’ and resonated in his heart. Hong Isak’s judge’s score was 761 points.

As a result, the judges’ score ranking for the second round was 1st place Soo-bin Soo, 2nd place Chu Seung-yeop, 3rd place Ezel, 4th place Shin Hae-sol, 5th place Kang Seong-hee, The 6th place was decided to be Hong Isak and the 7th place was Ri Jin. In addition, the special stage of other famous singers produced by ‘Singer Gain 3’ such as Tejong, Chae Bo-hoon, Horim, Lim Ji-soo, Kim Soo-young, Son Ye-ji, and legendary judge Lim Jae-beom added meaning.

The first round of the finals The final winner of the new song round, the second free song round, real-time text voting, online voting, and advance voting was Hong Isak. Expressing his gratitude to his colleagues, family, fans, and production crew, Hong Isak expressed his overwhelming feelings, saying, “Now that I have won, I will work hard and do my best to live with that responsibility in my future journey.” ‘Singer Gain 3’ highlights famous singers such as Yoo Jeong-seok, Jang Li-in, Raina, Lim Kang-seong, Kim Ji-soo, and Seong-hoon, as well as faces we haven’t seen in a long time and hidden masters we didn’t know about. It conveyed a message of courage and hope by capturing the challenges, competition, and growth of the contestants who returned to the stage with earnest hearts.The sincerity of the judges in treating the contestants as fellow musicians and seniors and juniors in music was evident. It added warmth. Among them, Lim Jae-beom, who debuted as a judge for the first time through ‘Singer Gain 3’, left his signature praise, “You did a great job,”and also touched the viewers with his warm review.Ten Asia Reporter Tae Yu-na youyou@tenasia.co.kr

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