‘Crime Scene Returns’, which returns after 7 years, will be released on TV in February.. “Isn’t the size normal?”


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Chae-yeon] The legendary mystery entertainment ‘Crime Scene’ that many fans have been waiting for. The new season of the series, TVING Original ‘Crime Scene Returns’ (directed by Hyunjun Yoon, produced by SLL, Studio Slam, provided by TVING), confirmed its release in February and released a comeback poster and comeback preview.

Returning after 7 years, ‘Crime Scene Returns’ is a bigger and new return, from experienced players Jang Jin, Park Ji-yoon, and Jang Dong-min to new players Key, Joo Hyun-young, and An Yu-jin, and the suspects and It is a role-playing mystery game where participants become detectives and find criminals hiding among them.

The ‘comeback poster’ released first was ‘Crime Scene’ The appearances of experienced players Jang Jin, Park Ji-yoon, and Jang Dong-min, who represent the series, as well as new players Key, Joo Hyun-young, and Ahn Yu-jin, catch the eye. On the case board, six players are on the suspect list with a confusing mess of clues. Their various expressions revealed in the intense pin lighting, from sharp eyes trying to uncover the culprit to smiles that reveal their true intentions, amplify curiosity. Here, the copy “The mystery war begins again!” has been used for a long time as ‘Crime Scene’ It excites the hearts of fans who have been waiting for the series’ comeback.


The ‘Comeback Preview’ released together begins with a voice announcing the start of a new season, saying “1, 2, 3 and returns,” with the players appearing one after another examining the case briefing file. “Can I do this from the first incident?” , “Isn’t the size normal?” A variety of reactions arouse curiosity about unpredictable events. Then, the players complaining of injustice by saying, “I didn’t kill him?” , pointing out the culprit with a confident face, or avoiding the scene when suspected, raise expectations of acting and reasoning skills that will cause over-immersion.

The voices of players saying “Everyone is a suspect and a detective at the same time” were added with the copy “Who is the culprit?” to create Korea’s first role-playing mystery entertainment ‘Crime Scene’ Foreshadowing the unrivaled fun of the series, the images of those who say “I will definitely catch you” and those who say “I will definitely deceive you” intersect, signaling the beginning of a fierce guessing war between six players.

‘Crime Scene’ The series is Korea’s first role-playing mystery entertainment that attracted attention starting with Season 1 in 2014, Season 2 in 2015, and Season 3 in 2017. The film was recognized for its work and captivated the world by winning awards such as the main prize at the ‘New York TV & Film Festival’, one of the world’s three largest TV award ceremonies, the grand prize at the ‘Asian Television Awards’, Asia’s largest TV awards ceremony, and the gold prize at the ‘Houston International Film Festival’, one of the three major North American film and video awards ceremonies. There is a bar. ‘Crime Scene’ Producer Yoon Hyun-joon, who worked with the entire series, will take charge of directing ‘Crime Scene Returns’ and is set to break its own record.

The legendary mystery entertainment ‘Crime Scene Returns’, which returns with a larger scale and more intense story, will be released exclusively on TVING in February. /cykim@osen.co.kr

[Photo] TVING

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