D-1 ‘Aliens + Humans’ Part 2, 80,000 advance reservations… Will the likes and dislikes overcome? [MK Movie]

Photo i CJ ENM
Photo i CJ ENM

‘Alien + Humans’ Part 2 ranked first in overall reservation rate a day before its release. However, the advance sales volume is still in the single digits of 80,000 units, so the box office firepower has not yet been revealed. Will they be able to overcome the crushing defeat of Part 1 and achieve a dramatic turnaround?

According to the Korean Film Council’s integrated computer network for movie theater admissions on the 9th, as of 9:04 am on this day, the real-time reservation rate ranking was ‘Alien + Humans’ Part 2 (39.2%, reservation volume 87,458 people), ‘Wish’ (13.3%, reservation volume 29,632 people), followed by ‘Noryang: Sea of ​​Death’ (5.5%, 12,000 people).

Part 2 of ‘Alien + Human’, which is scheduled to be released a day before, is the finale of the ‘Alien + Human’ series that depicts the story of humans and gurus trying to save everyone by returning to the future while secrets hidden in the fierce battle for the new sword are revealed.

Part 1 tells the story of the time opening between Taoist monks trying to take possession of the rumored divine sword at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and those chasing an alien prisoner imprisoned in a human body in 2022, while Part 2 tells the story of the intertwined humans and Taoist monks gaining strength. Together, they depict a happy ending where they finally overcome the crisis and return to their respective times.

It has everything you need on the outside, such as the visuals of creatures that look like a mix of Venom and Alien, action, colorful characters, and comedy, but after the release of the work, likes and dislikes were divided. Although it boasts a higher level of completion than Part 1, it does not deviate significantly from the pros and cons of Part 1. The conflicting results of crying at the theater and laughing at the OTT are attracting attention as to what kind of evaluation this will lead to in Part 2, as well as the box office report card.

It will be released on January 10th. Running time 122 minutes.

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