Daeho Lee “I cried at home for 3 days after retirement… ‘National scumbag’ It’s done” (Golden Counseling Center)


(Xports News Reporter Hyunji Yoon) Former baseball player Lee Dae-ho recalled the time of his retirement.

Former baseball player Lee Dae-ho appeared on Channel A’s ‘Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center’, which aired on the 21st.

On this day, MC Jeong Hyeong-don raised the issue, saying, “Lee Dae-ho is a liar.” At the same time, he said, “I want to live quietly after retirement.”But he added the reason, “I live in a noisy world.”

Lee Dae-ho said, “I’m not good at refusing requests from celebrities I’m close to. He explained, “It’s not that I have to go out unconditionally.”


Park Na-rae then said, “I heard you said that I am a person without tears. “But she cried a lot,” he said, pointing out the fact that she wailed loudly at his retirement ceremony.

Lee Dae-ho, who watched the retirement ceremony video, got emotional in the studio and said, “It’s hard every time I watch it.”He played baseball for 32 years, starting at age 10. He confessed, “I couldn’t help but shed tears because I thought it was my last baseball game.”

He said, “After I retired, I stayed home for three days and cried whenever I made eye contact with my wife, and cried when a video was played in the morning and continued to cry. That’s why he was nicknamed ‘the nation’s loser’. “I cried so much,” he added.

When Jeong Hyeong-don asked, “Aren’t there many players who have a retirement ceremony?” Lee Dae-ho responded, “It’s rare to have a retirement tour.” It was the second time in Korea. He expressed his gratitude by saying, “I received so much love.”

He then confessed, “When I think about that time, I feel sad.”

Photo = Channel A

Reporter Hyunji Yoon yhj@xportsnews.com

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