Daesung, Japan’National Singer’ Perfect chemistry with Shigeru… Acting as a bridge between Korea and Japan [Active King of Singers]

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Photo provided by Crea Studio
Photo provided by Crea Studio

‘Active King of Singers’ Talented Master Daesung plays the role of a strong bridge between Korea and Japan with his high-level Japanese skills as an instant simultaneous interpreter for Japan’s national singer Shigeru, who is called Japan’s South Jin.

‘Active King of Singer’ will be broadcast at 9:10 pm on Tuesday the 23rd. In the 9th episode, the long-awaited first round semifinal ‘rival match’ breaks out. The 14 active players who survived the fierce semi-final match will compete one-on-one with opponents who selected the same genre out of a total of six trot genres, including traditional, old, semi, ballad, dance, and Korean traditional music, and the celebrity judges will award 15 points each for 105 points. 185 points will be allocated, with 1 point each for the national judges. Through a total of two rounds, 1st to 9th place will advance to the finals, and the bottom 5 will be candidates for release, creating yet another thrilling sense of tension.

Daesung arouses admiration by showing off his fluent Japanese skills, as befits an original K-POP artist who has been active in Japan for a long time. On this day, ‘the active singer’ At the semi-final recording site, there was ‘Trot Girl in Japan’, which was being broadcast to great acclaim in Japan. Shigeru Matsushida, a master and a brilliant Japanese national singer in his 54th year since debut, will attend and turn up the heat.

Above all, Shigeru not only served as a public relations ambassador during the 1993 Daejeon Expo by singing the Expo promotional song in Japanese, but also attracted attention by boasting of his special relationship with Korea, such as performing on stage with national singer Cho Yong-pil when he was active in Japan in the 1980s. On this day, Shigeru looked at the performances of active performers and expressed envy, saying, “I wish Japanese trot girls could learn from this,”while adding an in-depth review that reflects his long musical experience, making active performers even more nervous.

According to the production team, Daesung sits next to Shigeru and provides instant interpretation in fluent Japanese throughout the recording, leaving everyone amazed. Whenever the active players appear, Daesung explains to Shigeru their careers and characteristics one by one, interprets the active players’ stage impressions and the master’s evaluation comments, and is meticulous by asking Shigeru directly about his impressions of the stage and answering any shortcomings. It adds to the fun of working as a friendly, customized interpreter.

Daesung said, “I was surprised that Shigeru already knew a lot of prior information about Korean singers, and it was especially refreshing that he evaluated the singers’ performances from a completely different perspective than the Korean judges. He said, “Through the Korea-Japan match, expectations have risen on how singers from both Korea and Japan who come from different cultures will be evaluated.”A global artist who swept the Japanese archipelago and ‘Trot Girl in Japan’ It raises curiosity about Daesung’s Japanese skills, who are active as a special master.

Shigeru jumped up on the stage filled with excitement from one participant and said, “It’s a good thing you came to Korea.” “I was so stimulated by the performance,” he said. The scene of a group dance with Korean masters was captured, making everyone burst into laughter. Like Daesung, ‘Active King of Singers’ and ‘Trot Girl in Japan’ Shinyu, who is active as a master in Everyone, said, “Mr. Shigeru is the kind of person who sticks to his butt no matter how exciting the stage is. But he got up and danced,’ he added, making the scene burst into laughter. Shigeru, who truly experienced the level and capabilities of Korean trot, said, “I want to convey this to the Japanese participants. He made a meaningful statement, “You have to work harder,” raising questions about what the semi-finals would have been like.

The production team said, “It was an endless river-on-river battle, to the extent that not only the Korean masters but also the special master Shigeru bowed their heads several times and expressed their disapproval over the judging.” He added, “The final hurdle to select the final members. As a result, only the talented among the talented are hidden. “Please look forward to the semifinals, which were more tense than ever before,” he said.

Meanwhile, MBN ‘Active Singer’ is conducting the 7th ‘Public Support Voting’ through the Now app. ‘Public support vote’ Rankings are included in the scores for the semifinals and finals.

‘Active King of Singers’ is a survival entertainment show for the national trot team that selects the top 7 active female trot singers representing Korea who will participate in the ‘Trot Korea-Japan Exhibition’ to be held in 2024.

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