Daughter of famous athlete and announcer lands leading role in drama. Suspicion of parental haloing also arises

Rei Shirakawa social media
Rei Shirakawa social media

[News Reporter Park Soo-in]

As Rei Shirakawa, an actress and daughter of a famous Japanese announcer, took on the lead role in a drama, suspicions were raised that there might be some influence from her parents.

Recently, Japanese media Weekly Women’s Prime reported that Rei Shirakawa, daughter of former sumo wrestler Koji Takanohana and former Fuji TV announcer Keiko Kono, will appear in the Fuji TV drama ‘Marriage 1,000 Knocks’.

According to reports, Shirakawa Rei chose a stage name instead of her real name, saying, “I don’t want to borrow the power of my parents,”but from the time of her debut, she couldn’t help but hear that she “received the support of her parents.”This is because from the time of her debut, she gathered various media companies and held her reception.

One official said, “There is no way the media will gather just because an unknown rookie debuts. Koji Takanohana was attracted to the topic of being the daughter of Keiko Kono. He pointed out, “It would be unreasonable to hold a reception party when debuting and not want to borrow the help of parents.”

In addition, Weekly Women’s Prime criticized that the arrow of criticism was directed at Fuji TV, which maintains the ‘appropriation of connections.’

Regarding hearing about the influence of parents, Rei Shirakawa said, “I don’t think it’s something I deny or hide because it’s my identity.”(Photo = Shirakawa Rei social media)

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