‘Deadman’ Cho Jin-woong – Director, first revealed 15-year relationship “I have to remember the name”

▲ Deadman production presentation. ⓒReporter Eunbi Yoo
▲ Deadman production presentation. ⓒReporter Eunbi Yoo

[SPOTV News = Reporter Eunbi Yoo] ‘Deadman’ Director Ha Jun-won revealed his relationship with Cho Jin-woong for the first time.

Director Ha Jun-won’s film ‘Deadman’ was held at Megabox Seongsu on the morning of the 19th. He attended the production presentation and expressed his deep affection for Cho Jin-woong.

When asked about the reason for casting Cho Jin-woong, director Ha Jun-won began by saying, “It’s a story I haven’t told you about before.”

Director Ha said, “About 15 years ago, it was Cho Jin-woong’s early days when he was working in the theater industry and appearing in the media. “When he appeared in the drama, even for a short moment, it left a deep impression,” he said. “At that time, I called the CEO of a production company called Palette and looked for him. “You will have to remember the name of the actor Cho Jin-woong, and I remember that the day will come when he will definitely work in the Korean film industry,” he recalled.

He continued, “After that, the producer worked with me on ‘War on Crime,’ and I got to work on my debut film with him. “There is no need to say anything else,” he said, revealing the 15-year relationship that had been secretly going on.

‘Deadman’ is about a so-called barge boss ace who makes money by living up to his name, and after being falsely accused of embezzling 100 billion won and forced to live as a ‘dead man’, he tracks down people who are entangled with just one name to regain the life that was stolen from them. A story about starting out. It will be released on February 7th.

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