‘Deadman’ director “I rewrote the script from beginning to end to cast Kim Hee-ae”

Kim Hee-ae
Kim Hee-ae

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‘Deadman’ The director revealed the efforts he made to cast Kim Hee-ae, saying, “I rewrote the character from beginning to end.”

Director Ha Jun-won said at the production briefing session for the movie ‘Deadman’ (Director Ha Jun-won) held at Megabox Seongsu in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on January 19 that he was “honored”for making his directorial debut with Kim Hee-ae. said.

Kim Hee-ae played the role of ‘Mrs. Shim,’ the best political consultant with a reputation for making a name for herself in the drama. Regarding this, director Ha Jun-won said, “I showed the script to director Bong Joon-ho, and he said, “Mrs. Shim.”He said, “He reminded me of a foreign actor” when it came to the role.

He continued, “I gave the script to senior Kim Hee-ae for the drama ‘The World of the Married.’ After that, many work proposals were pouring in. ‘Does this make sense?’ However, it was given out of the director’s greed. “I thought I would regret it if I didn’t give it to him,” he said.

Meanwhile, “‘Mrs. Shim’ He raised expectations by sharing the story behind the casting, saying, “I rewrote the character from start to finish and gave him the script, and I clearly remember the quick response he gave me.”

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Deadman’, which will be released on February 7th, is about a so-called business ace who makes money based on his name, and after being falsely accused of embezzling 100 billion won and forced to live as a ‘dead man’, he is entangled with only one name. It’s a story about tracking people and trying to get back the lives that were stolen from them.

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