SISTAR’s Bora “We’ve never trained for ‘ISAC’ before, we’re surprised that we came in first place in all events” (Jaefriend)

(Capture from uhmg studio)
(Capture from uhmg studio)

[News Reporter Seo Seung-ah]

Group SISTAR unit SISTAR 19 members Bora and Hyorin revealed the background of taking first place in all events at the MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’.

On the 18th, the 23rd episode of ‘Refriend’ titled ‘First meeting cute party and tear party’ was posted on the channel ‘Uhamug uhmg studio’. SISTAR 19’s Bora and Hyorin appeared as guests in the video.

On this day, singer Kim Jaejoong reminisced about past memories with two people who debuted 15 years ago and mentioned the MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships.’ Bora said, “At that time, it was only three months since we debuted, so we just did what we were told.”

Bora also said, “It wasn’t like I received separate training or anything, but since I was a rookie, I was told to run and I was told to run and I was told to cross and I was surprised by the good results. “I was even worried about whether Dasom and Soyou would do well ahead of the relay race after the individual race, but they did so well that they even took first place in the relay,” he explained.

Jaejoong Kim exclaimed, “I thought the company had given me some kind of mission,” and then burst into laughter by saying, “This wasn’t an entertainment show with that purpose because of SISTAR, but at some point it became a battlefield.”

In addition, when Bora said, “I thought we came out with special training,” Kim Jaejoong pointed out, “They got training because of you.” Bora, who heard this, said, “We have never (trained) before. “I thought, ‘Do I have to do this to this extent?’” he said.

Kim Jaejoong also recalled the time when he took first place on KBS 2TV’s ‘Starting Dream Team’. Jaejoong Kim said, “Thanks to him, I was able to learn for the first time about my outstanding physical abilities. “He wanted to go out more, but because of the mystical concept, the company made another member go out,” he confessed.

Kim Jaejoong continued, “I also wanted to show the world my manly side to the fullest. “I am naturally very manly and tough,” he emphasized. (Photo = Capture from ‘Uhamug uhmg studio’)

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