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Channel A


The new entertainment program ‘Detectives’ Trade Secrets’, which will be released on Channel A at 9:30 pm on the 29th, features ‘Observation Specialist’ Defconn Kim Poong joins as MC and plans to tell 100% true accident stories with current ‘professional detectives’.

The second teaser released on the 19th begins with a wedding photo of a happy family. However, the mysterious male voice saying, “Take it… and take it off…” causes anxiety. Then, a shocked woman trembles in fear at the sound of a voice whispering, “It will be fun…” MC Yoo In-na MC Defconn was shocked and asked, “This is a true story?” and wondered about the true story.

In another scene, in front of a man who scolded, “At least you should live without being embarrassed as a mother.” “Why me?” said a confident woman with a red suit on her face. Amidst the atmosphere of an unusual ‘absolute affair’, MC Defconn was excited and said, “It’s bloody bloody!” while Yoo In-na and Kim Poong were so confused that they couldn’t continue speaking. The man pledged revenge, saying, “Even if it means dying and going to hell… I won’t forgive you,” and the tense ‘car chasing’ scene continued, reminiscent of an action movie.

Finally, the real protagonist. It was also revealed that detectives were traveling around the city to collect evidence, saying, “Shouldn’t there be solid evidence?” and “I think there must be a way?” The detective in the ensuing reenactment video said, “You can get the evidence right away, right?” and she captured the crucial ‘affair scene’ with her phone camera. MC Kim Poong exclaimed, “I’m crazy…”, raising expectations for the live broadcast.

Defcon The close-knit detective true story talk show ‘Detectives’ Trade Secrets’ will be released on Channel A at 9:30 pm on the 29th.

Reporter Son Bong-seok paulsohn@kyunghyang.com

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