’37 years old’ Ahn Bo-hyun “The dream of marriage has already passed… “I don’t want to do it.” (‘Life 84’)

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Photo = YouTube video capture.
Photo = YouTube video capture.

Actor Ahn Bo-hyun revealed his thoughts on marriage.

On the 19th, the YouTube channel ‘Life 84’ was titled ‘Ahn Bo-hyun Sulter Review’ A video titled:

On this day, Kian84 presented the trophy to Ahn Bo-hyun, who won the grand prize at the ‘Kian Awards’. He said, “I won the grand prize even though I had never appeared before.”

Ahn Bo-hyun also said, “I saw it because fans tagged me.” He looked puzzled and said, “Please give it to me,” and then said, “Thank you.” He was thrilled and said, “This is my first time receiving the grand prize.” Lee Si-eon, who was watching from the side, congratulated him and said, “I’m jealous.”


Kian84 asked Ahn Bo-hyun which he values ​​more, his life as an actor or his marriage. In response, Ahn Bo-hyun said, “Unconditionally, the first thing is family, and the second thing is work (acting). “Acting is so fun,” he replied.

Ahn Bo-hyun continued, “When I was young, I had to get married at 29.”She said this a lot. But that has already passed. “At one time, my dream was to be a happy father who wasn’t driven by money, but that dream is gone,” he said.

Ahn Bo-hyun said about marriage, “I’m a bit “I don’t want to do it,” he said, but added, “When I see people like Si-eon’s older brother who are married and living happily, I want to get married.”

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