Geum, a 4-year-old herd twin, appears, saying, “I cry all day until I vomit.” (‘My golden baby’) [Oh! strong point]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Ye-sol] The gangster twins have appeared.

In Channel A’s ‘My Baby, the Golden Child of Parenting These Days’, which aired on the 19th, the story of a mother who was so tired of raising her 4-year-old twin daughters that she was so tired that she reached the point of burnout was revealed.

On this day, a couple raising four-year-old fraternal twin daughters appeared. The mother said, “Once children start crying, there is no stopping them.” Her father also attracted attention by sharing his concerns, saying, “I tried leaving her alone once, but she cried until she threw up.”


The daily life of a twin mother was revealed. The children began to whine in tantrums in the morning, and her mother was busy taking care of her two children. The twin daughters said, “The rice is so delicious.” She impressed her mother by saying, “Mom’s cooking is the best.”

After finishing the meal, the mother had the children play a game of stacking paper cups. The two children stacked the cups as if competing against each other, and when the second child’s cup collapsed, they burst into tears. However, the eldest one started laughing when the cup collapsed, showing different tendencies. Dr. Eunyoung Oh said, “They have exactly the same DNA. “I think the temperaments of these children are similar,” she said, attracting attention by saying, “The only difference is how they deal with situations.”


Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “Looking at the video, the second child appears to be more irritable.” On this day, her mother took her twin daughters to her supermarket to do her grocery shopping. Jang Young-ran worriedly said, “I don’t think it will be easy to go shopping together.”

The second child got upset and started whining about eating yogurt without even paying. Her mom explained that she would pay and then eat, but the child wouldn’t stop fussing and she whined for 30 minutes. Eventually the mother gave her child what he wanted and the child stopped crying. The mother said, “Because the child was premature, she was in the incubator.” After she came out, she started crying and she said, “I was holding her all day,”making those around her feel sad.
[Photo: Channel A ‘My baby is like a golden child in parenting these days’ Broadcast capture]

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