‘Dragon Star’ Go Yoon “I dreamed of acting as a chaebol, cast for the second film this year” [New Year Interview]

Actor Go Yoon, born in 1988, predicted a 'hard day' this year. Early bird entertainment provided
Actor Go Yoon, born in 1988, predicted a ‘hard day’ this year. Early bird entertainment provided

Sometimes we are quick to assume or evaluate other people’s lives. But life is not that simple. If you look deeply, there are traces of everyone having endured unspeakable pain. And those calluses also make a person stronger.

The same goes for actor Go Yoon. It may seem like he only walked the flowery path thanks to having a famous lawmaker father (Kim Moo-sung), but in reality, he is closer to being an ‘icon of perseverance’ It has already been 13 years since he worked tirelessly to achieve his dream of becoming an actor without the support of his parents. Go Yoon, who has steadily built his filmography harder than anyone else, is thrilled and happy at this moment living as an actor.

Putting those difficult times behind him, he is ready to fully blossom as an actor. Actor Go Yoon, who is celebrating the Year of the Dragon, meets viewers with three works this year. Disney Plus drama ‘Who is it? Scandal’, tvN drama ‘Player 2’, KBS2 weekend drama ‘Beauty and the Pure Man’ We plan to greet you with major works such as:

A career built slowly and honestly

Go Yoon debuted in a minor role (playing the role of a Japanese fighter) in the 2011 movie ‘Family Glory 4 – Family Suffering’. He dreamed of becoming an actor, but he had only recently learned acting. He said, “It was a time when I had no experience or company that dared to apply for auditions. He wanted to go to the field so much that he saw a staff recruitment announcement and applied. He laughed and said, “At first, he went out as a field support staff member, but then he became a regular staff member.”

“It was an all-location shoot in Japan, but it’s difficult to hire supporting actors for simple lines. When filming overseas, there are often cases where the staff plays a small role. ‘You’re an aspiring actor, right? He said, “Try something simple,” and it became like his debut work. I didn’t really know much about acting. The line was in Japanese, but the local coordinator told me so I was able to do it on the spot. I was the youngest member of the directing department, and the youngest member of the production department at that time was actress Kim Joong-hee.”

That’s how Go Yoon started working in ‘Iris 2’ ‘Hotel King’ After ‘Criminal Minds”Sisyphus: the myth’ ‘Adamas’ ‘Missing: They Were There 2’ He appeared in various dramas, including ‘Casino’.

He played the role of the late Dr. Hyeon Bong-hak in the movie ‘International Market’, which attracted 14 million viewers, and gave joy to the audience by playing the role of Jaejoong, the owner of a bar in ‘Today’s Love’. After the ‘Incheon Landing Operation’ ‘Family Glory: Returns’ He continued to be active on the screen as well.

Actor Go Yoon, born in 1988, predicted a 'hard day' this year. Early bird entertainment provided
Actor Go Yoon, born in 1988, predicted a ‘hard day’ this year. Early bird entertainment provided

Go Yoon, who said that he wanted to challenge himself to play the role of the son of a bad chaebol, appeared in ‘Is it a Scandal’ and ‘Beautiful Women and Pure Men’ He plays a chaebol in two works. Now that the role I had vaguely dreamed of has arrived, I am waiting with excitement for the results.

“I always wanted to play the role of a second-generation chaebol. I was curious about how it would feel if I digested it. In the meantime, I’ve played Chinese, Japanese, gangster, police officer, killer, and lawyer, but only the second generation of chaebols have never been able to do it. haha. But coincidentally, I get to play a chaebol in two dramas this year, so I’m also looking forward to it.”

‘Fine Family Scandal’ is about Wan Wan (Kim Ha-neul), who dreamed of a perfect life in the upper class by marrying the heir of the Fine Group, and discovers the secrets of the Fine Family when she meets bodyguard Do-yoon (Jung Ji-hoon), who is always by her side. It is a work depicting a story that was encountered.

In this work, Go Yoon, who plays a third-generation chaebol, worked as a married couple with Kim Yun-ji. He also had a slightly special experience while filming. When asked, “When was the moment when you thought it was a good idea to become an actor?” he replied, “Is it a scandal?” During the final stages of filming, there was a day when the director couldn’t come to the set because of the coronavirus. “It was a hot day, and we were filming ‘Family’s Glory’ at the same time,” he said.

“It was a schedule that required me to go to action school, but since the director wasn’t there, my speed on set slowed down. The day is hot and the martial arts team is waiting for me. There was a scene where I was driving in that situation, and it was a very simple scene. Because it was a scene where I screamed, I got angry (with emotion) and got off, and one of the staff members said that I was so shocked that I lost my equipment. He said he was scared because it came through the screen, and that it was his first time experiencing something like this. I received rave reviews, so I was grateful and thought I did a good job.”

‘Beauty and Pure Man’, who will appear as another attractive chaebol, is a work that depicts the love story of an actress who fell into the gutter overnight, unable to recover, and a fiery drama producer who loves her and brings her back up again. am. Go Yoon plays the role of Gong Jin-dan, the second child of a chaebol family and the CEO of the investment company in the drama where the main character, Park Do-ra (Lim Soo-hyang), appears.

“The first filming started recently. I think I will be contacted (about the schedule) next week. Coincidentally, in this work too, I play the bastard son of a chaebol family. The role is that while living with a deficiency, he meets a woman by chance, falls in love with her at first sight, and goes straight for her aggressively. The script is very good, and the writer boasts a 40% viewership rating, so I think you will enjoy it.”

Go Yoon expressed his honest thoughts through an interview. Early bird entertainment provided
Go Yoon expressed his honest thoughts through an interview. Early bird entertainment provided

These days, when the number of works is significantly reduced compared to previous years and the worries of actors are increasing, Go Yoon, who has been cast in various works and is working hard, said, “I feel very fortunate. In fact, I also took a break for half a year (because I had no work),” he said. “I thought a lot about this and that.” Because everyone around me was having a hard time, I sympathized and felt sorry for them. “Since the filming of a weekend drama lasts 8 months, I thought I needed to solidify the quality while filming,” he confessed.

Go Yoon, who has been working as an actor for over 10 years, said with his eyes shining that there are still many things that are surprising to him. “I think there’s a lot I don’t know and I learn a lot every time I go to the field. When I look at other actors, it’s amazing to see people who have less experience than me but are doing well. However, I am not impatient, and I think there will be good days if I do my best in the works given to me and continue to do so.

Go Yoon, who experienced various part-time jobs while preparing to become an actor, said, “I filmed a lot of commercials. Just as singers listen to a guide before singing, top stars film to show to stars and advertisers before filming commercials. “I usually find a model with a similar physique to shoot a draft advertisement,” he said. “I earn about 500,000 won a day, isn’t that a lot of money?” However, he explained, “I will pay you in 6 months.”

Since I majored in accounting abroad, I posted flyers and did a lot of math tutoring. “I taught math in English because the parents wanted it. When MBC imported documentaries, I worked part-time as an interpreter and also worked part-time at a cafe. Nevertheless, it was fun and happy to be able to attend acting school. It happened because there was no dream and then it came to life. Like an obsession. Haha.”

Go Yoon, who has built his own path step by step without being overly greedy, confessed that he has no other dreams than being an actor. “I only like actors. It’s so fun and happy. ‘When will the next work be released’ It’s the most painful when I do it. Because I don’t know when that will happen. After being cast in a work, I study the character and happily worry about how to make it better. Now I’m really happy just by asking me about my schedule. You can call me anytime!

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