“You were her?”… The ‘strength’ that made actor Go Yoon endure. [New Year Interview]

Go Yoon had an interview with this magazine and told his story. Early bird entertainment provided
Go Yoon had an interview with this magazine and told his story. Early bird entertainment provided

Sometimes we are quick to assume or evaluate other people’s lives. But life is not that simple. If you look deeply, there are traces of everyone having endured unspeakable pain. And those calluses also make a person stronger.

The same goes for actor Go Yoon. It may seem like he only walked the flowery path thanks to having a famous lawmaker father (Kim Moo-sung), but in reality, he is closer to being an ‘icon of perseverance’ It has already been 13 years since he worked tirelessly to achieve his dream of becoming an actor without the support of his parents. Go Yoon, who has steadily built his filmography harder than anyone else, is thrilled and happy at this moment living as an actor.

Putting those difficult times behind him, he is ready to fully blossom as an actor. Actor Go Yoon, who is celebrating the Year of the Dragon, meets viewers with three works this year. Disney Plus drama ‘Who is it? Scandal’, tvN drama ‘Player 2’, KBS2 weekend drama ‘Beauty and the Pure Man’ We plan to greet you with major works such as:

The courage and freedom gained through enduring for a long time

Go Yoon, who once faced a crisis in his acting career due to family issues, appeared on tvN’s ‘Upgeul Human’ and also confessed an anecdote about a time when casting was canceled. What was the driving force that allowed him to persevere until now, even though he suffered from various problems? “I think it’s because of the words of my seniors. ‘If you hold on, the right time will come one day’ Even seniors passing by say that, ‘the time will definitely come,’ so I guess that’is true’ And I didn’t even think about trying anything else. There was no particular plan or calculation.”

Goyun, who has been pushing herself while waiting for the opportunity to come someday, relieves stress by exercising during her free time. He is a non-smoker and doesn’t drink much. Go Yoon, who had shown off his solid abs in a previous work, laughed and said, “Usually (my abs) are relaxed.”There is a bathing scene in “‘Beauty and Pure Man’, so I am preparing for it. When I build my body, I manage my diet and exercise for at least two hours a day. I go out for drinks, but since I’m not good at drinking, the manager always takes care of me. He didn’t even smoke, but he went to the military and was bullied for being the son of a member of the National Assembly. At that time (due to unavoidable circumstances), he pretended to smoke for a month. Haha.”

Goyun has a cold and sharp aura and a gentle and playful face at the same time. Diverse faces can serve as a strength as an actor. “This could be my weakness, but I often hear people say, ‘were you that person?’ There are many faces. ‘International Market’ When it was released, ‘Today’s Love’ was also shown in theaters, and people said, ‘That gangster bar owner was Hyeon Bong-hak?’ He was surprised. ‘Casino’ and ‘ants are riding’ Even when filming ‘Adamas’ at the same time, you said everything was different.”

There was also an interesting anecdote about the face changing significantly depending on the character. “Last year, I played a chaebol in ‘Is It a Scandal’ and a fool in ‘Family Glory: Returns’. At that time, there was a situation where managers overlapped on site. (Kim) Yoon-ji’s manager came to another site as actor Kim Hee-jung’s manager. When I said hello, they looked at me like I was seeing them for the first time. ‘What are you doing staying together all night?’ I apologized and said I thought it was someone else. haha. That may be a disadvantage that people don’t recognize me after acting for 10 years, but I also have chameleon-like ability, so I would be grateful if they viewed me favorably.”;

Go Yoon had an interview with this magazine and told his story. Early bird entertainment provided
Go Yoon had an interview with this magazine and told his story. Early bird entertainment provided

Go Yoon, who values ​​relationships with people, gets along well with the staff he meets while working on his work. “I did a KBS soap opera 10 years ago, and one of the assistant directors was also an assistant director in this drama. It was so nice and nice to meet you after 10 years. ‘We meet in a circle like this’ I wanted to. “I’m also from the directing department, so I know what the youngest members do and I’m grateful to the staff.”

After appearing on tvN’s ‘Criminal Minds’, he also gained overseas fans. When asked if he had any memorable fanshe had a memorable fan. There is an independent film shot in Greece called “‘Farewell Restaurant’. Skopelos is a small island that requires a few hours’ boat ride from Athens, Greece. I don’t know how someone knew I was there, but a Greek fan came by boat and asked to take a picture. He replied, “I was so happy and happy with just that.”

We asked Go Yoon, who made a good start by playing a big role in a drama in the first half of 2024, what her plans are for the new year. “It’s the year of the dragon, so I hope people can see me being active. ‘A beautiful woman and a pure man’ will begin filming soon. I want to portray the character well. “This is my first time playing a role from start to finish, and even though I’ve been acting for 10 years, there are still many people who don’t know me, so my plan is to expand my awareness.”

He laughed, saying that he also remembered what Hong Seok-cheon, whom he met through the introduction of close fellow actor Guwon (Kim Tae-hyung), told him. “In the past, Hong Seok-cheon emphasized several times, ‘Yoona, if you do a KBS weekend drama, you will definitely do well.’ At that time, I had no company and had never auditioned, but this was my first time being cast in a KBS weekend drama. I’m going to see if Seokcheon’s guess is right. Haha.”

In addition to raising public awareness through acting, he has another wish. It’s like appearing on an entertainment program. “I like entertainment. I like them all so much that it’s hard to choose just one. In my 20s, I watched ‘Heart Signal’ I also received an offer for the same dating program, but I couldn’t go on it because I was scared. ‘What if I go out and make a mistake?’ I wanted to do it and was very scared. Now that I have gained courage and become a lot more free, I want to try any entertainment.”

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