Ending ‘Singer Gain 3’ The main character with the prize money of 300 million won is Hong Isak = final winner.. 2nd place Soo-bin Soo and 3rd place Ezel [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] The final winner of ‘Sing Again 3′ was Lee Isaac Hong. Second place was Soobin Soo, and third place was Ezel, making the top three.

JTBC’s entertainment show ‘Singer Gain 3′, which aired on the 18th, ended.

On this day, the top 7 were introduced in earnest. Singer Chu Seung-yeop appeared first, and he was a stage master who showed off his unrivaled vocals and brilliant guitar play. Next is singer Lee Jin. Ri-jin showed off an unadorned stage with clean information. Next, I introduce Lee Je-won, who is a well-made singer who has an attractive voice and a wide range of digestion.

Also, the next singer was introduced, Kang Seong-hee. A singer who captivates you with a voice that touches your soul. It was introduced as the final boss that dominates the stage. She then introduced singer So Soo-bin, who became a hot topic with her outstanding singing skills. Next, singer Shin Hae-sol appeared, showing off her excellent sense of rhythm and her composure on stage. She is an irreplaceable and original performance singer.

Lastly, singer Hong Isaac was introduced, and he appeared without his glasses. Demonstrating his outstanding musicianship, he became a hot topic with his extended vocals that overwhelmed the space.


The top 10 will participate in a national tour concert, and the top 3 will receive a premium sofa benefit. The final 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive 30 million won in activity support, and one final winner will receive a whopping 300 million won in prize money. Before the contest began, the online pre-voting and rankings for the first round were revealed. First, Hong Isak took first place in the online pre-voting rankings, and Hong Isak also took first place in the new song round rankings.

The stage started. First, Seung-Yeop Choo opened the final round stage. Next, the judges’ scores were revealed, and Cocoon was given a score of 100 points, earning a total of 781 points.

Next, we revealed Rijin’s stage and listened to the judges’ comments. Kim Ea-na said, “The introductory part was not easy to digest because I was talking to myself, but I really liked it. However, I think the sound was a little out of order, and I was a little disappointed because it was the final stage, but it was attractive enough.” Then, the judges’ scores were revealed, with 741 points. received.


Singer Ezel’s stage was then revealed, followed by applause. It was the only stage in the competition that elicited unison singing. Kim Eana said, “I fully acknowledge the good performance,” and added, “I was moved to tears in the second verse. The part that made me numb was perfect.” The judges’ scores were then revealed, and a total score of 773 was received.

Next, singer Kang Seong-hee introduced the stage and set up an explosive performance. However, it was disappointing to see a slight mistake. Kyuhyun said, “Even if she made a mistake, she captured her heart right away,” and commented, “It felt like I had poured everything out to the point where I could surpass the stages I had sung on so far, and it was a stage where I spread my wings and flew away in the finals.” . The judges’ scores were then revealed, recording a total of 765 points.


Next, singer Soo-bin Soo appeared, and after Soo-bin Soo’s performance, a review was conducted. Lee Hae-ri said, “I started playing the guitar.” “I said, ‘I like you,’ so should I say, ‘I love you?’ “I loved it,” she said. The total judges’ score was 787 points.

Next is singer Shin Hae-sol’s stage. Cocoon said, “As a musician, you are like a gem. I hope you look at everything with curiosity, even if it’s not music. I hope you continue to make music with a genius-like sensibility.” Next, the total score of the judges was revealed, and a total of 769 points were received.

The stage of the last participant, Lee Isaac Hong, was also revealed. Lee Isaac Hong visited the airport just before the finals. I came to meet my parents in Uganda, Africa. My parents have been running a school in Uganda for 6 years. Isaac Hong said, “You probably haven’t seen his son perform on stage,” and looked half excited and half worried.


After revealing the stage, Baek Ji-young said, “Today is the most difficult,”and said, “Today was the most difficult,”and “The arrangement and progress were good, but there were small mistakes, but I was happy to be able to watch this final stage as a fan.”Kim Ea-na revealed the total score of the judges, saying, “Today’s performance finally reached deep,” recording 761 points.

At the end of the broadcast, the final rankings were announced, including viewers’ votes. Singer Chu Seung-yeop took 7th place, Kang Sung-hee took 6th place, Lizzy took 5th place, Hae-sol Shin took 4th place, and Ezel took 3rd place. In particular, since Ezel was in the top 3, he was given a premium sofa and 30 million won in benefits. Among them, Soo-bin Soo took second place and Isak Hong took first place.


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